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Love to pose

Postby czarneckii » Sat Oct 03, 2020 5:17 am

I'm almost maried. I'm guy. I'm stright. I love to strip and get naked. I train a lot and my body is quite nice.
My friends and future-to-be wife don't know anything.
I strip on cam and then I do all the stuff I'm ask to and I love it.
Can any one tell my why I'doing this?

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Re: Love to pose

Postby DavyJ » Tue Oct 20, 2020 4:38 am

I also like to do similar things. My wife knows about much of it (not every thing, but most of it) and is ok with it. She has even taken pictures of me on several occasions. So best to at least partially come clean now, as it could cause more problems later on.

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