Can i ask for an honest opinion ?

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Can i ask for an honest opinion ?

Postby jameswood20018 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:34 am


This is probably something that has been covered somewhere in the forum but I am dammed if I could find it!

This is a question for the ladies really, I was wondering if you would find it upsetting if your husband or partner
was secretly using your worn knickers to masturbate over?

My wife recently found out I was doing this and wasn’t happy at all, I really didn’t see the harm and
if anything would have thought that she would have been pleased that I found her knickers so much of a turn on
and not sought to fulfil my fantasy elsewhere.

To be honest I never thought I would have turned to a discussion board to ask for advice but it is so awkward for
me to get an honest opinion on the subject, there is no way I could ask any of the girls I work with without them
thinking I was a perv and close female friends would think I was coming on to them.

I have tried to think of it from her point of view, is she happy me seeing them if they are really dirty etc but I cannot
see why she would be upset (maybe that’s just because I am male!)

All of this tension has now seen me having a look on the internet to see if I can fulfil my fantasy by buying a strangers knickers
but that has its own problems in as much as I would not know if the person selling was genuine or not.

Blimey all this to fulfil a very innocent fantasy!

I would really appreciate your honest feedback..

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Re: Can i ask for an honest opinion ?

Postby light1313 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:21 pm

Maybe she was embarrassed. I would feel slightly embarrassed if my partner used my worn knickers for masturbation and sniffed them ect. But it would also flatter me and turn me on in a naughty sort of way TBH.It would not upset me if I saw it really aroused him. However I would be upset if my husband went and bought someone else's worn knickers off the internet and used them for masturbation.
Why cant you communicate with her? Ask her whats bothering her?

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Re: Can i ask for an honest opinion ?

Postby mausilein09 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:33 am

I gotta be honest here.
I think I would be a bit creeped out by it if it was done on a regular basis. Which is kinda funny cuz my boyfriend has given me underwear that he has worn and while I have sniffed them and rubbed them on my face XD I never masturbated to them. And i guess men's underwear won't be as uh.... fragrant as a woman's. Like i guess if i gave you my underwear for that purpose i wouldn't be creeped out by it, but i guess it's just cuz she doesn't want you or didn't expect you to be sniffing her panties and jerking to them lol I think the fact that it was a secret is what made it seem so bad to her in the first place.
Idk just my opinion. Also some girls including myself, are a bit put off or disgusted by certain fetishes. I told my bf from the start that i found foot fetishists really creepy and gross. He does like feet to a certain degree, thankfully not all thattt much, but i don't really support his fetish and my feet are not a part of our sex life lol.
But i think you shouldn't worry that much. I mean there are many fantasies that people keep secret. And there are many fantasies that we have that just won't come true or that freak out our partners. But that's okay, as long as they still love you. But as far as your fetish goes, I'd say stop but i guess that is not what you want to hear. There are some things that people just won't accept but it is possible that she might.
Good Luck :)

Edit: And don't buy panties _ omg that is so nasty. If she found out i think she would be even more upset/disgusted with you. XD i just noticed i didn't read the post to the end the first time around haha

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Re: Can i ask for an honest opinion ?

Postby Elysa » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:31 am

Usually my fiancé just shouts from the other room, "Hey honey, I'm about to have a wànk, can I use your knickers?

My reply, "Only the dirty ones from the laundry basket please, I need my clean ones for work. And keep it down, I'm watching Walking Dead".

Him, "Don't watch it without me!"

Me, "Then hurry up, my popcorn is almost ready"

Him, "Then come in here and help me!!"

Me, "Will you put on your Rick Grimes and Negan accent for me and ask me to wànk you or else I won't survive?"

Him, "Yes, yes yes. *in his best American accent* Now get in here and wànk my dick or I'll shut that shít down. No exceptions!!! I'm gonna wanna look at your titties"

Me, "Will you treat me like a lady, like the way you treat Lucille when you rub her little pùssy?"

Him, "I'll do what I have to in order to survive. You either fight or die. It's that simple"

Me, "Baby, your Rick Grimes and Negan accents are so terrible it turns me on. I'll wipe my newly wet cùnt with my knickers and we'll take turns giving your dick a nice wánk. Then we'll watch Walking Dead with cold popcorn"

Him, "Carl, stay in the house"

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Re: Can i ask for an honest opinion ?

Postby Jean-Louise » Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:14 pm

As opposed to a dishonest opinion? :lol:

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Re: Can i ask for an honest opinion ?

Postby KBEES » Thu Feb 22, 2018 8:24 pm

OMG, if I found my husband masturbating into my knickers he would never live it down. I would find it amusing and I wouldn't be upset at all.
I could walk into the living room twirling a pair of knickers asking if I could give him a hand with anything?
I would be doing the washing and put clothes in to or out of the washing machine and if my knickers were on view I would tell him to calm down. :lol:
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Re: Can i ask for an honest opinion ?

Postby Delfy555 » Sat Mar 24, 2018 2:22 pm

Maybe she was disappointed about you masturbating instead of f*cking her and the knickers part just made it extra creepy.

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Re: Can i ask for an honest opinion ?

Postby Sexyhotbunny » Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:50 pm

My Husband does that and I love it it shows me how much he loves me and needs me . I am proud of him and not shy :tounge:

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Re: Can i ask for an honest opinion ?

Postby Nameless » Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:40 am

It would be easier to comment if you can reveal exactly why she was unhappy. Maybe she feels her soiled panties are 'private', but maybe she thinks it's weird that her panties are causing you to orgasm without her being a part of this?

She may think it's a strange fetish without knowing how many guys are turned on by panties. I recall a thread on another forum in which at least one woman routinely passed on her panties to her partner once she had worn them!

Personally I find soiled panties extremely arousing and I'd love it if a partner would wear them for two or three days without changing them! For me, a massive turn on would be if a lady actually held her panties to my face for me to smell DURING sex, but that's an experience I'm unlikely to have. I don't suppose your wife would consider this a good 'compromise'? I always think this is a great tactic that ladies could use to get their man erect again, if he has ejeculated before she is fully satisfied!

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