Sex rituals

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Sex rituals

Postby ppppp47 » Thu Feb 11, 2021 11:13 pm

The lockdowns during last year were great for our sex life and we tried almost any way of having sex I could think of. But it also turned out, that having some rituals is a great idea. Since a while, we have some rituals giving us even more drive.
One of that is our Saturday evening play, which we started in late autumn last year: There are only few simple rules:
No sex, no masturbation after noontime. After 8 pm, get naked and play. Get horny, do whatever you want - but no orgasm for both until midnight. You can lick, penetrate, whatever you like, but no orgasm. When it's midnight, then unload all the energy into an exploding end and continue as long as you can.
I never believed being that difficult to have a four hour foreplay and refrain from going to the end. But after this session, the final relief is really exploding.
Other ideas?

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