Girls in Russia

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Girls in Russia

Postby serggg » Tue Jun 23, 2020 3:02 pm

In Holland, I work for a large company that successfully cooperates with Gazprom. As a result of my work duty, I had to go on a business trip to Russia, knowing nothing about the country or the language. I only had time to listen to two terrible _ lessons and flew to Moscow.
The first impression of the country was negative, but, as you know, this often happens to foreigners. I remember my feelings very well at passport control, where all the employees are very strict and precise. The big problem with Russian for us is that we don'to have an imperative. Therefore, Russian in English, sometimes, are expressed very rudely. So I got my worst impression of Russia at the very beginning of my journey.
I remember my first day in Moscow perfectly: I got lost at the airport and didn't know how to get out. I watched what the Russians were doing - they were all heading for a small bus. I watched and wondered what I should do. Then I was approached by a nice girl, very pleasant appearance, who apparently realized that I was in a difficult situation, and led me to the information center.
I lost my temper in a hotel in the center of Moscow. To be honest, when I passed through the avenues, I was extremely impressed with the city's beauty and uniqueness. I decided to take a walk and see at least the main sights of the capital of Russia. So I took a little rest and went on my way.
In Europe, many people associate Russia with its Soviet past, so I succumbed to stereotypes and visited the most iconic places - Red Square, VDNH and Gorky Park. Of course, the language barrier became the main problem when interacting with people, because I literally could not speak anything in Russian. And the desire to know modern Russia seized me with my head.
The Netherlands, as you know , is a country of free morals. And I am a young, energetic man used to our rhythm of life, to freedom, to the ability not to limit yourself in your desires. I understood that many things that are allowed here are prohibited by law in Russia, but I still decided to find out what entertainment is available, and how you can spend your leisure time here. I had one more day off in stock, and ahead of work, business trip week, so I decided not to waste time and turned to the Internet for a search.
A huge number of bars, strip clubs did not make a special impression on me, I wanted a more intimate holiday, especially considering that I was in the country of the most beautiful women. After some time, I came across the site of an erotic salon. This type of leisure, I was much more suited, and the foreign version of the site allowed you to easily get acquainted with the services of the salon. Moreover, the site featured photos of girls, and this finally convinced me of my choice. I carefully read all the information and was pleasantly surprised that the salon was located very close to the hotel where I was staying. Already in full enthusiasm, I called the number indicated, completely forgetting that I do not speak Russian, but again, what was my surprise when the receptionist easily switched to English and answered all my interesting questions. I did not hesitate and made an appointment for an erotic massage on the phone, because the flight and General fatigue were already making themselves felt.
I arrived at the salon at the agreed time. It is worth noting that the location is very convenient, especially for foreigners, so I got there without any problems. I was met by a friendly girl, with whom I spoke on the phone, and escorted to the salon
The atmosphere was incredible, in the best traditions of erotic services. By the way, there are similar institutions in the Netherlands, so I had something to compare them with, and I was extremely happy with the level. I was kindly shown to a private room where I could meet all the girls who were on shift. To be honest, the beauty of the girls put me in a stupor, it was really difficult to choose. But I decided not to limit myself, because the evening promised to be interesting and ordered two girls at once-a brunette and a blonde.
Everything I experienced then left the most indelible impression about Russia. I was really impressed not only by the beauty and skill of the girls, but also by the level of service of the salon .This allowed me to understand that Russia is no longer a Soviet country and that anyone who comes here can have a great time and not feel like a stranger. Here you can get incredible emotions from communicating with the most charming girls, enjoy their beauty and feel the whole flavor of modern Russia.

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Re: Girls in Russia

Postby table » Fri May 21, 2021 7:33 pm

Russian women can be beautiful and bend over backwards to look nice.

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