Guys With Earrings in 2016

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Re: Guys With Earrings in 2016

Postby paperclip_40 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 12:14 am

tckokla wrote:Thanks for the reply.

After almost a year, I’m finally totally comfortable with having both ears pierced. Like you, I used to worry I was too old to be wearing them & then the feeling soon passes. It has helped that my two best friends are now both sporting an earring as well. Two of us have both ears pierced & other friend just got his first. You’re right, we have two ears so might as well have them both pierced!!

The adventure with my son has been awesome. His self confidence has skyrocketed & I have to admit it’s been great for mine as well. He went from awkward kid wearing sweats & soccer shoes all the time to cool-shirts & Vans, it’s costing me some money, but well worth it. I’m even wearing Vans myself!!

I think the earrings are goin to stay in for awhile.

Sorry I haven't responded in a while.

That's a great story about you and your son's self confidence. I found that mine has increased as well. It's a strange feeling, but I love to wear my earrings in public like I'm letting everyone know that I am confident and bold enough to wear earrings in both ears. No one really notices or if they do, they don't say anything. I do notice people glancing at my earlobes sometimes but they don't comment. It's been almost 4 years for me wearing earrings in both ears and I will be 54 next month. I recently purchased a bunch of earrings on line and have been enjoying wearing different ones every day. Just black studs or CZ studs and occasionally small hoops

I have no intention of stopping wearing them anytime soon.

My own son, who is 17, has no desire to get his ears pierced (yet). When he does (hopefully) I will be all for it! It's a funny thing that my own father would NEVER have gotten his ears pierced and was against my getting mine pierced back in the 80's (he's since passed away). I would have LOVED it if my father had worn earrings, that would have been so cool, but my son is indifferent about my earrings, though he says I'm a cool dad, so there is that!

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