Felicity Jones on 'wonderful' Star Wars character

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Female First

Felicity Jones on 'wonderful' Star Wars character

by Female First » Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:50 pm

Felicity Jones thinks its wonderful that young girls can look up to her Rogue One A Star Wars Story character. Read more...

SOLTHREE (FF visitor)

Felicity Jones on 'wonderful' Star Wars character

Postby SOLTHREE (FF visitor) » Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:50 am

She used the "The Force" huh??
"The first time I met Gareth [Edwards; the director] for the film, we had to do the whole meeting in whispers ... because we were sitting in a cafe in Los Angeles and we didn't want anyone to overhear. I thought there was a real synergy between us. I thought I got the part ..."

So would "The Force" or that "synergy" between her and Gareth, would involve some kind of frisky foreplay?

Listen Felicity, you're not fooling anyone. You just outed yourself and said in code what happened and how you got the part, and it didn't involve "The Force". It involved the time honored tradition of the Hollywood casting couch.

"I remember being very Zen about the whole process because I desperately wanted to do it. But I thought the disappointment would be so great that if I didn't get it that I kind of used 'The Force' to get me through."

LOL You're are something there Felicity. You 'desperately' wanted the part and did everything to secure it, and we all know what that entails. Don't we? And it's not "The Force", or a different kind of "Force", but I can't print that here.

I bet you used "The Force" to land your part in Inferno too, didn't you? I know Hanks has thing for short, brunette, Euro chicks. Only now since that movie flopped hard, you blame Hanks for the disappointing box office and are no longer a fan of him. You threw him under the bus, even after seeing him before, during and after filming, in an affair. You really are something else, you'll do anything to get a part, and you'll throw anyone under the bus to get ahead. Burning bridges along the way. I hope your career flops you delusional idiot!


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