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Natural Botanical Soap

Postby Operion » Tue May 15, 2012 8:26 am

We believe in bringing the quality handcrafted soap for you. Our interest is your satisfaction after using Botanical Soap range.

Our "Botanical Soap" is a pure handcrafted Soap made by natural way for the Nature’s Spa. The Botanical Soap is the ingredients purely made from the natural source like botanical extract, plant and vegetables oils and pure essential oils. Our soaps are mild and gentle because it takes about 70 days of curing period, and it will leave your skin soft and smooth. Our recipes do not contain the chemical ingredients which will penetrate into our skin and cause skin allergic, irritation, eczema, health related problem like brain, liver and spleen. Our "Botanical Soap" is difference compare with ordinary soap.


香皂给以大自然沐浴. “植物皂“是纯粹以天然植物类配方制成如植物, 蔬菜油和纯精油成分.我们的香皂温和, 因为它需要大约70天来皂化,它将使你的皮肤柔软,光滑。我们的配方中不包含会渗透皮肤的化学成分,引起皮肤过敏,红肿,湿疹,如脑,肝,脾的健康相关的问题。


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Re: Natural Botanical Soap

Postby rawgaiauk » Tue May 29, 2012 7:22 am

Soaps we use are always the most important product for our skin as it helps to clean our skin and effect it in several ways. We should always use the best natural and organic products.

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