Girls in my school are abusing me! How to remove girlpower?

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Girls in my school are abusing me! How to remove girlpower?

Postby Rayfletcher » Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:45 pm

So I went to a new school and in my class were all girls (there are other classes that has boys but it's like 2/10 compared to girls). After I went to the boys toilet the 4 girls from my class came in and gave me an evil look. One of them said what I was doing and I replied that I wash my hands. Then they stopped me and took my underwear off, pushed me to the ground so I could not move. Then they let my scrotum bind with a sort of elastic thing to make the hair of the girls in ponytail and wrote on my scrotum 'GIRL POWER' with black marker. one of them said balls is what makes boys inferior to girls, they are so that even a slight squeeze can bring a guy to the ground vulnerable. Then one of them put the song 'Beyonce Who Run The World (Girls)' and each one of them began to kick my balls right on the spot where 'GIRL POWER' is written. I thought I was dying, it was sooooo painful and unimaginable I could not stand and I was unconscious for a while. I went home and I told my father that I was very tired and I could not attend school at the moment. My nuts still hurts sooo much I can't walk properly and after meeting my dad I had to run to my bed and lay down beacause my nuts hurts soo much I had tears and after like 5 minutes I had to go to bathroom and vomit 4 times.

Please help me everyone, I have not been to school for 3 days and I lie to my father constantly that I was not feeling well but I can not conitnue lying, I just can not lie to my father. And 'GIRL POWER' in my ballsac never goes away. I really can not stand handle it anymore. I tried to tell the teacher not that I have been abused by balls but just beaten by girls, but they laughed and when I tried to hit the one of the girls, the teacher said boys can never hit girls that's the rule in America.

And yes I'm not lying! I'm really telling the truth!! I however tried to get away and stand back up when those 4 girls hold me but I just couldn't move and inch! No matter how hard I tried! I'm telling the truth, those girls are not angels that you always think of! HELP ME

And please, how can I remove that 'girlpower' from my sac? Soap and water didn't work! I tried washing it off for 3 days I even tried alcohol and that GIRLPOWER still stands at it's prime like flashlight on my nuts!

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Re: Girls in my school are abusing me! How to remove girlpower?

Postby Doormat098 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:18 am

I'd pay to have that done to me! :D

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