Things To B.itch About

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Things To B.itch About

Postby Lena » Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:34 pm

My insurance company that just raised the rates for my car even though I haven't gotten any tickets :x

Warning notices from the satellite tv company when you are late with your bill, makes watching things impossible

Howard Stern ..............Obnoxious loudmouth 13 year old boy in the body of a 65 year old man

Overly ideological people whether right or left , on either side of the abortion issue etc ....................BORING !!!!

Sandalfoot pantyhose...............they always run in the big toe .Crotchless pantyhose too for daily wear, they run /split easily with you at best getting only 2 wears out of them

2 door cars , makes getting in & out too complicated if you have people in the back seat

Instant coffee, better then no coffee but as I get older instant coffee only tastes like coffee flavored water

AMC , they ruin movies with breaks for commercials

The SUV craze ...............aren't we all macho & independent ! Think 99 % of them NEVER go off road

The fashion industry .............. they'd have us spending all our money on constantly changing fashion so they can get rich

People who text /get caught up in phone conversations when driving

Tough talkers , braggarts , know it alls .............often fakes & always boring

Endless documentaries about Nazis on the History Channel , talk about beating dead horse ! Often cheesy too like NAZI GERMANY AND THE OCCULT .Can't we all agree hitler was scum and shift to looking at other infamous dictators ?

Holocaust documentaries about only one particular holocaust , talk about ethnocentrism ! History is full of holocausts and tragedy for others including countries /people , we need to start hearing more about them :idea:

The Teabagger cult here in the USA , you'd think none of them even know the basic of American history & civics and want to turn the clock back that is impossible

Gun nuts .............. :puke:

Fox News & NPR ............... All they do is spread right wing lies on Fox and NPR can be too east coast elitist giving the attitude they see their job is telling the rubes in the rest of the USA what reality is :roll:

My gf's tendencies for perfectionism & cleanliness, moi thinks it's best not sweating the small stuff & earthiness is good

MTV , they should change their name to 'We Used to be MTV But Now Have Endless Crap That Has Nothing To Do With Music '

Wud continue but have to chill or I'll burst into flames or start shooting at cars on the freeway
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Re: Things To B.itch About

Postby SarahJane365 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:21 pm

The fact that I pay tax on my salary, I earn my salary so that I can pay for my home, which I get taxed on. I work overtime to add some more pennies to my salary and hello there's the tax man again!

The train company sends eight coach trains during the height of rush hour because of leaves on the line, the train company would rather have an eight coach train of people suffer some kind of horrendous accident (in their imagination) as opposed to twelve coaches worth of people.

The girl at work who constantly says "Hiyaaaa" throughout the day even though one simple "Hiya" in the morning generally is sufficient.

People that leave naked or either no toilet roll in the loos, that or the tail is facing the wrong way! It's the LADIES LOOS! What's wrong with the women at work?!

People that eat hula hoops on the train and people that just generally eat really loud.

The girl at work who chews like a pig at a trough when she's eating her lunch and chats to her husband on the phone whilst her mouth is full and all and sundry can hear the food rattling around in her mouth.

I could go on, but I won't :D
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Re: Things To B.itch About

Postby Red head mum » Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:42 pm

Junkies you have ruined our little shopping community with your gangs hanging around waiting for all your chums to get their methodone watching your every move at atm and craning necks to look in our purses at checkouts,
Staffie owners, pick up your dogs mess, you are turning this into dog turd alley, granted it's not one of the plusher areas but we have our own beach front and coastal walks (furthest house/flat 19 minute walk max from beach) and some nice architecture so lets not turn it into a slum,
Community wardens, you only stick your head out the office when it's time for your next fag try walking the streets for a change,

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Re: Things To B.itch About

Postby franfran » Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:18 am

Ladders in a new pair of tights.......
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Re: Things To B.itch About

Postby Red head mum » Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:07 am

Hotel night away from kids and no sex :evil:

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