Why do some countries seem to have a national uniform?

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Why do some countries seem to have a national uniform?

Postby boingo » Fri Jan 02, 2009 3:45 am

I've just turned the TV on and the Egyptian news is on. The female news reader seems to be allowed to wear clothing of her choice, but the male news reader is dressed in the sort of stuff they traditionally wear out in the dessert, including the sort-of hat part with what looks like a couple of rings of rope on top to hold it on.
I don't get why the dude is wearing those clothes indoors, especially the hat part. There's no sun in there, so why wear it? Is it some sort of silly cultural or religious conformist thing?
I'm not pooing on their entire culture. I know there's other countries who also seem to have a national uniform everyone wears.
It just seems dumb for people to dress exactly the same as each other purely because it's what's expected of them. :? If there are laws saying they must all dress like that, then that's bollocks too.
With such conformity imposed on people for something so simple as clothing, the rest of their lives must be pretty restricted too, which makes me wonder how their societies progress when individual thought is so constricted.
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