the woods woman

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the woods woman

Postby earthlyangel » Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:15 pm

Hi, I had a dream when I was a child of a woman walking in the woods, she had really long wavey, blonde/brown hair, I mean really long, I believe to her knees, anyway, I can't remember if she was wearing any clothes, I just remember how long her hair was. As she walked, she was collecting long stem flowers of all sorts. I walked behind her intrigued by what she was doing.
I wondered why she would be collecting so many flowers. She had a huge bundle of them in her arms. She came to section in the woods where there were flowers laying on the ground and she placed the other flowers with them. I understood in that moment,
she was making her bed out of flowers. I guess she would lay her head on the buds and sleep on the stems? I was around 7yrs old when I had this dream, anyway, in that moment, I was snatched away by someone, a man, couldn't see who, but the next thing I knew, I was in a cement room with one window, and it was my understanding that days or months had gone by. I looked out the window, and what I saw was a parking lot, where the woods had been. Man had removed all the trees, and made a parking lot for a mall. I was devastated. I wondered what happened to the beautiful woman in the woods. To this day, this dream is as lucid as when I had it. Was it a prediction of my future perhaps? I did marry years later to an abuser who kept me isolated from the outside world. I was able to escape that marriage tho and make a good life for myself. Or did this dream mean something entirely different. Remember I was only 7yrs old when I had the dream. I only had the dream that one time. Why would it stick with me forever like it has? I mean I'm almost 50 now! Any thoughts are very much appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Re: the woods woman

Postby light1313 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:04 pm

I’m just guessing. These are just my thoughts.
Was your father or any male in your family abusive or overly dominant? This is sort of like a penis envy dream. In the classical patriatric family, females and girls are allowed to be feminine but its mainly the men or boys who get the most credit. Or as an independant woman surviving, getting a career and supporting herself in a man’s world entails the woman to sometimes supress her femininity at times and adopt musculine properties. You dream of the woman, who is beautiful with her long hair and very feminine, collecting long stemmed flowers. The long stemmed flowers are phalic objects, ie representing the penis. In your dream you are identifying with the woman, you want the best of both worlds; you want to be feminine, soft and beautiful but want to independant, fearless and strong at the same time. Then you get punished for stealing penises. The man cutting down the woods is castration. You are not allowed to have a penis you are not allowed to be strong and you are made weak. The dream rather than being a prothesis of your future is rather a reflection of your unconscious fears and insecurities, planted in you as a child and the same unconscious fears and insecurities that made you dream this dream made you unconsciously choose a man who would abuse you. We make these unconscious choices not only to feed our unconscious insecurities but also to defeat them. To defeat the fate we unconsciously believe we have. Thats why we waste our years with the wrong type of people with the hope of changing the situation (the irrational beliefs we unconsciously hold about ourselves and our fate). Sometimes we succeed sometimes we dont. İt seems you have succeeded. Finally turning your fate around and getting out of an abusive relationship to find yourself stronger, and independant and getting your own life back, the life you wished for.

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