Licked her from behind

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Licked her from behind

Postby enthused » Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:28 pm

I may get criticized for this post as it is pretty graphic, but it was a surprise for my wife and me and I just have to tell someone!

My wife is mid 50's and sometimes not in the mood.

The other afternoon she was laying on the bed face down reading, and was dressed in jeans and essentially fully clothed. I was totally in the mood and walked behind her on the bed and reached under to feel her. She loves being touched by me reaching in behind her. She responded and started humping my hand and was immediately turned on. I knew she hadn't showered since the night before last, but I didn't care at all as I LOVE the smell of her pussy sooooo much, especially unwashed. The natural scent without the smell of fake soaps now turns me on more than anything.

Within moments I had her pants down and she was in panties. I was kissing her butt cheeks through her panties and she was getting crazy horny. Normally she hesitates when she hasn't bathed, and I could smell her butt through the panties and it was making me crazy. Then I get her panties off, and I could really smell her butt and her pussy. The smell was intoxicating and made me crazy with desire. I actually started licking her butt crack while I had my hand underneath her and she went crazy and was grinding on my hand and starting to moan. In that moment of passion, I actually got her on her knees so I could lick her pussy from behind. OH MY GOSH, the scent of her butt and pussy all at once, very strong and delicious. I plunged my tongue in her pussy from behind and had my nose buried in her asshole. Something clicked inside of me and I became seriously horny, and LOVED the smell and taste of everything.

When she couldn't take it anymore after about 3-4 minutes of seriously being eaten from behind with no thought or care, she laid flat again on her stomach and I got my hand in there and she ground down and came like a wild woman. Then she guided me into her drenched pussy from behind and I finished in moments. It was one of the most sexy sex sessions we have ever had and in the total throws of passion. I was so glad she let me lick her like that.

After more than 30 years of marriage, I have discovered that all of these scented soaps are marketing only. The real smell of pussy and her ass is what turns me on, not some rose smelling soap that hides the true scent of a woman.

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Re: Licked her from behind

Postby DavyJ » Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:16 am

The longer my wife has gone without bathing the more I like her smell. I first discovered this when my first wife and I went wilderness camping, and we had been over a week without bathing. OMG, did she taste!

And yes, there is also something very exciting about having your tongue up her vagina and your nose up her butt at the same time.

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