I can’t orgasm

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I can’t orgasm

Postby StudentNeedsHelp » Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:20 am

I am 20 years old, have been masturbating frequently (almost daily and multiple times a day) since I was 12/13 and I have never orgasmed. With or without partners, using toys/fingers, with or without lube and yes I am comfortable with sex and my body, as much as any woman is. I stimulate my clit to the point where I feel an unbearable; almost white hot sensation and I try to keep going but the feeling either dissipates without climax or I get bored as it’s taking too long. Mostly it’s just too much and the sensation is uncomfortable rather than pleasurable and to keep going is a chore. Nevertheless I try but never succeed in cumming. I am so sick of not climaxing, I love sex, i think about sex all the time, but I can’t cum. It’s becoming hard for me to even enjoy sex anymore because me and my partner know I’m not going to cum. Also before it is mentioned, I’ve had plenty of sexual partners of both genders and nobody has managed to push me over the edge or get anywhere close quite frankly. Please does anyone have any suggestions. Thank you xx

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Re: I can’t orgasm

Postby advisor » Sun Jun 28, 2020 8:37 am

When I was younger same happen to me.lucky for me I told my mum as we're very close .she told me to imagine sexy thoughts while fingering or using toys think of just pulling ur skirt up and sliding on a guy in his car at the night club.it did take another few days of practicing.and she also said think the same thoughts even when your making love .its not cheating as ur helping each other .i don't always cum but at least I now know it's possible.i also kept thinking I was going to pee so I would stop .but realized that feeling was just my orgasm starting to build .good luck in your quest to climax you will get it hopefully x

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Re: I can’t orgasm

Postby Mac » Sun Jun 28, 2020 10:28 pm

When you feel like you are going to pee just tighten up like you are trying to hold it back and keep going.
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Re: I can’t orgasm

Postby helenhighwater » Mon Jul 06, 2020 1:41 am

OK.. Firstly, you are not alone. I know a young femaIe friend of 25 who hasn't learned to orgasm yet too and it took me until I was 18 despite quite a bit of masturbation, lots of sex and then having a baby. I had a baby before an orgasm! Can you believe that? What I suggest is firstly, crazy though it may sound STOP masturbating or letting anyone else 'try 'to make you have an orgasm, either, for a period of time.. Whether that is 3 days, 3 weeks or however long you can handle without feeling INTENSELY more frustration, or irritability or anguish.. During that time.. do NOT TOUCH yourself sexually in any way..but start to think about what would be the ultimate 'sexual scenes or scenarios' that include yourself and that turn you on the most whenever you think of them or those kind of thoughts.. if you can't imagine any that make you feel wet between your legs then try to write any sexual thoughts AT ALL down so you have a little list to start with and see what ideas turn you on. Do not allow yourself to touch yourself still though or anyone else touch you sexually. If yu can't think of anything that turns you on then experiment with looking at very 'soft' imagery of anatomy sites, like 'real life anatomy' on You Tube.. or erotica.. see what if anything turns you on visually but focus more on just experimenting to see what gives your body a PHYSICAL , SEXUAL reaction. Don't go for porn if you can help it.. that is tOO full on for this exercise unless it is 'porn' you are making internally inside your head in which case it isn't porn it is erotica anyhow.. get me? Finally.. once this time of no touching is up and you have had a sexual reaction in your body to quiet a few thoughts.. take yourself away alone where you can lock the door and very slowly and sensually start touching yourself again whilst thinking of all the different things that gave you a sexual reaction without touch.. slowly and gently let it build, teasing yourself with letting it intensify then go down a bit.. so your hand also doesn't start to ache or your clit get sore in any way.. have a didlo at the ready in case you feel the need to use one but I think you'll find that my advice works IF you allow yourself a time of total not touching yourself for as many days as possible and get clear sexual thoughts without touch for that long until you are ready.. then lie back and just enjoy the feelings or sensations with no pressure to cum..or tell yourself someone else is 'forcing ' you to cum, or that you have actually cum before but this will be the biggest and best time so far.. whatever.. you'll get there.. and if you don't within 3 months of repeating this abstaining then touching.. you probably have a hormonal issue that needs to be addressed with a doctor.. But trying IMAGINING what turns you on first whilst NOT TOUCHING and see how it goes.. once you have had one alone.. hopefully you'll be able to start having them with others but not before unless you are an incredible rarety.. xxxx

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