Ailing Auntie

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Ailing Auntie

Postby ChristinaIsHere » Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:57 pm

I left my home state of TX about a year and half to two years ago to travel the States and decide where I want to call home. Bought and RV and off I went.
I’ve been talking a lot to my Auntie L lately and feel terrible she doesn’t have anyone in her life. I’m in the same boat really but wherever I’m at I make friends fast so for me traveling has been worth the experience/adventure.
I’m currently in CA and have been since I left home. It’s just a beautiful state and I’ve visited a good chunk of it thus far. Everywhere I go is spectacular and I really like it. More so the travel aspect of it than anything.
I’ve actually tried to convince Auntie to come out this way but she has it in her mind that CA will fall into the ocean one day and it puts a stop on it right there.
She needs someone in her life and I do too really but I don’t wanna go back to TX, not really. The weather there is no good for me.
I’m seriously considering selling my RV to go back and be with her to help her and take care of her but I’m afraid I’d regret going back, maybe not right away but eventually and that wouldn’t be any good for either of us.
We are close and I love her to pieces. I feel really torn. I want to help out and adore her company, we joke and clown around but we can also handle seriousness quite well together as well.
My thing is I stopped my life and what I was doing to care for my ailing grandparents when I was younger and it prevented me to exploring life then. I don’t want a repeat of that to be honest. I’m older now and opportunities like what I’m doing now only come around once, maybe twice.

Am I being selfish wanting to explore more and know more? To continue my journey throughout the states and explore?

I have some pets that she’s allergic too and either way I won’t give them up but settling down in a place I don’t want to be would only drive me mad after awhile.
I love my family and friends there in TX and miss them terribly. I don’t want to settle but my heart is torn to care for my Aunt or live MY life.

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