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monster rut

Postby monster rut » Thu Sep 07, 2006 8:20 pm

i give a rut to my monster's inscription and it keeps burping away at thre wall until i show it mole versions of the little mi, basically fake little mi's and yuo have to chuck fake skittles at this burping wrong doier, and an importable mannequin chest keeps giving me the barges, it just barges me out the way, wait a second, someone else said they got bumped by a mechanical leg, maybe the chest and the leg were mother and son and were the owners of the inscriptions and the burping cupourd of westnorthwesateastnorth and all that units of alive pencils giving hickups to jokies, amking the frile dayborj and two bt forking the letter machine its all just one big helterskelter
and the helteskelter with the *

garnica faldom

Postby garnica faldom » Thu Sep 07, 2006 8:26 pm

high i try to make picassos painting, gurnica move, by shouting curses at it and holding up pieces of shandeleer, i love sharing my shanderleer i heard that weather forcast is spoken not driven, yet whenever itn rains i choke out letters and words like "its hug" its raining mist"
but there is a sohowlow of hollow wrong doers picassos painting is a shandeleer and pices of it make up a moving ghost wall of lost gardens of smell flowers and jilly flowers doming over you but i keep being chopped to pieces by the jily flower dome of purple colliflower like heads and i turn into a butter nome who can only sing appatosaurus song in sin cities biggest rival, the cococola kettle settler, but i have reacently been put back together, a kind bull-man fish, but right now unfortunatly i am in different pieces, my head is in the well, my bottom is in the white house wrapped up in trucks and i have a in hintinuity constog nish tenhan of town bends and that realy works in a well when you have to light up. there are pieces of my belly in the gutter and i seem to be being trodden on
gwelp help mickle frittle martle naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarfi

falcon jelly

Postby falcon jelly » Thu Sep 07, 2006 8:31 pm

i know about falcon jellys spanking in libraies to make the chocolate dorm of something which i do not know cwhich i do know because i iz a scientist with sunglasses made of cats power, i make use of babars pixilated dreams because i am in them. that leg that gives that dude boy man guy whatevr but he could be a boy or a man or both wells anyway the leg that gave that breah dude boy man or all of them wait lets start again that leg whch is mechanical gave the dude the bumps and my car smells of leatgher because of it and that is why there are cobwebbed sohows in the world and moving up and down bob heads with falcon jellys resorting to their expressed barnical banjovers,
the kings dungeon seems to be giving prissoners a library ticket and a fly free card, they are all flying and the meat in the middle is rotating like a cement mixing lorries which seem to be flying in the dungeon whenever they bring a butterfly there.
i need to go now guys, i need to deliver a butterfly to the dungeon to make cement mixing lorries fly in and maybe even contain little fluffy owls with tomato ketchup spread on their glass doors and their bouncy castled fun areas and their body has a long glass tunnel attatched to you


Postby brethjedrent » Thu Sep 07, 2006 8:36 pm

falcon i have that jelly it gave me the parsnip of the devil finger, and when i go into my old high school i pretend im one of the kids even though im 56 and i say looks im a naughty boy and i put face paint on me turqoise colour and hum and uhm and er it how do it when eliza the woodlice aliza wrong word and i say wicked im anaughty boy unslerslersleeeeeeeeeeer
andi muck around in the assemblies

and i found that that leg has the humps and gives me points of alliteration and i saw peter piper and he gave me the restraunt bill so i flirted with him about how technology is on the increasing end of the stick which tells to and from not where water is in a forerst but i dont htink water exists noor that we use muscles in our jaw to speak because we have telivisions to support out jaw, not muscles and bones and the satelight with that old mans head like a watrus talking about bumping zebra heads and huge web came floating in my bedroom wih done bad leggins hatching out the croaking latch

jucky ducky

Postby jucky ducky » Thu Sep 07, 2006 8:41 pm

i want to kill ducks with inscriptions and get that leg that gives me the bumps and make it get on a chicken and then that would make hotels fart and then that is brain forest because a mushroom sells us that we can eat chocolate bunnies because we remind of beingcozy in our living rooms and thinking of flashng orange lights and supermarkets and trafic lights missbehaving and all this leads to one thing, night shifts, you cant dress water cress in unknown colours without ruining the package that they delivered in and that is the nsee

Kamel Cicker

Postby Kamel Cicker » Tue Sep 19, 2006 1:20 pm

Carys Teh Mong wrote:I completely agree.

I mean...



Well said Carys :)

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Ryan Williams
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Postby Ryan Williams » Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:42 pm

Kamel Cicker wrote:
Carys Teh Mong wrote:I completely agree.

I mean...



Well said Carys :)

Carys is my bird :) she's a mong :)

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