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Postby V.A.J. » Sat Nov 21, 2020 1:57 am

I think we can safely assume that the bulk of his problems have "Jolie" at their root. I don't believe the "$300 mil" assessment; he was worth 150 mil when they got together in 2005, and she, 50 mil. That makes a combined net worth of 200 mil, right? The next year, they were worth only 150 mil in toto! That means they BLEW 50 MILLION DOLLARS "covering up" Shiloh's actual birthdate!

Then, after that, money was clearly being spent like WATER (chateaus, islands, private jets) the whole time they were together, and there wasn't THAT many successful movies made between them that would stop the money hemorrhage! Now, somehow, they/he are worth even MORE than before? Something smells fishy there![sic!] Of course, there was the "other" income, coming in "behind the scenes"! I don't see the ho being "generous" enough to "share the spoils" with Brad, however!

But yeah: he DOES dress like a bum, doesn't he? But seeing as how he dressed (and acted, apparently) like a bum when he was with Jen, I expect he's just "reverting to type". He's just a "good ole boy" at heart and so it's not unexpected that he would dress like one!

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