Still in nappies.

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Re: Still in nappies.

Postby LynneJ » Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:40 pm

1. Last week. I was doing some filing.
2. Supermarket
3. Lille Supreme
4. Molicare Mobile
5. Two
6. At home in bed
7. About 4
8. Yes
9. Plastic pants at night
10. n/a

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Re: Still in nappies.

Postby aspergers » Sat May 25, 2013 12:26 pm

Questions for those still in nappies..

1. When was the last time your nappy leaked at work and what were you doing?
2. Where were you when you had your last nappy leak in public?
3. What nappy do you wear during the day?
4. What nappy do you wear at night?
5. How many extra nappies do you keep in your purse or at work?
6. Where was the last place you suddenly had a bad feeling and needed to check or change your nappy?
7. How many nappies do you use a day?
8. Do you wear your overnight nappies when you travel?
9. Do wear anything over your nappy, plastic pants, pantyhose, etc..
10. If you were ever pregnant, did your water break in your nappy?

1. Last night
2. Last Wednesday
3. Molicare Super Plus
4. Molicare Super Plus
5. One
6. This morning making Breakfast
7. Two - Three
8. Yes
9. Cartoon print plastic pants.
10. Never been Pregnant but If I do get pregnant than yes my waters would probably break in my Nappy.

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Re: Still in nappies.

Postby aspie » Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:35 pm

I am sick of you perverts trawling the net writing fictitious stories about phantom daughters who are still in nappies its about time the real parents realised how recognise and to stop these fakes who are getting turned on and doing nasty things in front of their monitors because they have sad lives just check out other sites like Netmum where these perverts infest and spread these sick fantasies. You can spot them because they write stuff normally about females between the age of 10 and 14, then some strange and far fetched stories about how their daughter, step daughter, neice wet the bed/pants at school/in the house/ friends house and they enjoy it or they don't seem to mind etc.
so be warned watch for these parents, I have been hunting them down for a while now and will continue until people feel safe to discuss REAL problems suffered by REAL children and their REAL parents.
Not everyone who wears a nappy / diaper, is a Adult Baby !
Some of us are actually incontinent and only wear pads because we need them for medical reasons, not like some freaks.

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Re: Still in nappies.

Postby jinjin » Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:47 pm

I have read that some people like to pee whenever they wish without making a mess. An adult diaper can be a convenience for some people who go on long trips and do not want to stop for a restroom.

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Re: Still in nappies.

Postby aspie » Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:53 am

As an adult baby myself, I hardley think that posts concerning children on this board are being made by other ABDL's, more likley they are being made by concernd parents and older childern (who in my opinion should not have access to the internet) / teenagers who are seeking advice. As a person with Medium to High Functioning Autism I have come to understand that just because a person does not put what they mean to say in to words well does not make them a outcast. Many children when they write a story will try to dictate word for word what another person said in that story, so it may be quite possable that some one was called a baby repetidly because of a wetting problem. Many parents do not relise that a child does not usualy wet or soil themselves on pupose, and if this does start happening than a appointment with the Dr asap is advised as soon as possablel.

For those who may think Adult babies or Diaper Lovers have anything to do with ***p*** please visit
If any of you think that an Adult Baby is sexual than you are totaly misguided, 98% of Adult babies do what we do for emotional and psychological comort, security and escapism.

Fetish;A Fetish is a Sexual Attraction to a Non-Sexual Part of the Body or Object
Diaper Lovers have a Fetish for diapers themselfs and could not give a rats ass weather or not the diaper was used or not or weather it was being worn by a toddler , a child, a teenager, a adult, a 90 year old or a dead person it is the diaper it self. Many diaper Lovers will spend several miniutes in a store going up and down the diaper isle just looking at the pictures, many often collect diaper related pictures. Most find it imposable to achive a sexual orgasm with out holding or wearing a diaper.

Around 50 % of Diaper lovers use their diapers while around 96% or Adult Babies use theirs for the intended purpose.

These are just two catigories of infantilism, infantilism is all about regreshion and even extends to animorphic regreshion in the form of Babyfurs, who are Adults who like to dress as baby animals and wear diapers while acting like a baby animal.

The next thing I wish to point out, none of us have any intention of trying to take away the inocence of a child, many infantilists have children of their own, and they keep there lifestyle strictly seprate from the duties of bringing up their children.

99% of infantilists have learnt very well how to keep a secret, as diapers is not something you want to be sharing with the genral public.
Well I got to go and get ready for a dinner appointment.
TTFN :dance:

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Re: Still in nappies.

Postby sempai2055 » Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:27 pm

My daughter wears nappies 24/7 and is 16 years old. She wets them all the time and sometimes messes them. I do know one of the things she likes is to be treated like a baby. Furthermore, when she was younger, when I wiped her she seemed aroused. Is there anything I can do to get my child to be normal?

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Re: Still in nappies.

Postby sapphiresmum » Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:57 pm

Firstly if your daughter is wearing a nappy and plastic pants 24/7 and has been wearing them since birth then by now she has got use to using them !.
If she is using them for their purpose and has been for years then I am afraid that she is stuck with using them for the rest of her life ! Her bowls and spynctor would become what is known in the medical term atrophyed which basically means that the muscles have got use to her just using her nappy and are not use to withholding until a toilet is found and then releasing .
I am not an expert but I think you Will find it Not reversible. And she likes the feel of the nappy and plastic pants . you take this away from her now and she will mess herself and won't be her fault I do not advocate keeping a child or teenager in a nappy and plastic pants unless there is a definate medical problem and now from what you say it now has become one with wearing a nappy and plastic pants over time! :| .

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Re: Still in nappies.

Postby PlasticAnnArbor » Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:48 am

sapphiresmum , been a few months

sempai2055 had ONE POST from 1 year ago and has not been back

sempai2055 is a troll

nappies - no
But the plastic pants without the diaper -- YES ALL THE TIME

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Re: Still in nappies.

Postby DDtop » Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:44 pm

Hi ive worn them before as ive Fibromyalgia&Raynauds they thought i had MS before as with Fibro you get unstable bladder as it's a muscle so when signal sent to brain can get sensed as pain so tells bladder to empty pronto but your trying to stop it so becomes a two way plus struggle.
Ive also spine damage in lower back and neck from injuries which add to the fun!

But cold weather with it and Raynauds isn't fun as the chill goes right through you so want to pee even more.
Tried many meds they gave me but none worked just cause more issues!
Didn't get a whole lot of help from med professionals and many that should know there job/field was pretty appalling.

In the end worked out things for myself as used an indwelling catheter when needed &my actual normally lazy quack prescribed to me! Heavens.

But also tried quite a few types of waterproof wear found didn't like/get on with disposables as crap if a front/side sleeper to as just leak.
Also they make me itch as have chemicals in them and draw on skin all the time.

found one great system Bambinex for adults it's an AIO waterproof outer with fleece inner plus have booster pads excellent and discrete yet can't get anything like it from NHS!
Also got some wrap round pads made for me by Minki which you can add to great for night times (but to big for day wear)can sleep in comfort knowing not going to leak which is a god send as when having water works issues you become paranoid in letting it all go with thought it's going further.
You need to wear a waterproof outer layer which i wear either rubber or pvc pants which are deeper for night times also polyurethane ones are go as urine don't effect them so don't get hard/crack/splits.

But to me there just another tool to get by/live life with just likes glasses/hearing aids/false teeth/wigs/etc etc and totally separate from any fantasy life.

The AB scene is quite large but each to there own but some moan about them that are incontinent but one thing is that there are more people making/catering for there needs which means far more choice for those that need through disabilities so now have more washable wear,Better pants and more choice rather than just basic things that don't work well.

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Re: Still in nappies.

Postby Tilley2010 » Mon Oct 12, 2020 5:16 pm

What on earth is wrong with you people. If a child wants to wear nappies who are you to judge them who are you to make judgment on them. It is a case of what society say is right or wrong well let me tell you if a thirteen year old is happier wearing nappies well that fine by me it seems to me that there are people out there judging others when they have not stopped and looked at there own lives. So I say if you are that child or the parent of that child please be happy with the way you are and parents please help the to be who they are.

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