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Postby emilycurious » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:25 pm

This is for you Deb!

The last two nights we went down to the lake to watch fireworks. There are two rival townships, we live right on the border, so we get to see two nights of them. (It's for 4th of July celebration for any non-yanks wondering why there is so many fireworks not on Guys Fawks Night).
Our twp was Tuesday night and it rained during the show and we actually left before the grand finale because it was just horrid out, wet, steamy hot and buggy as hell. A damp squib.
The neighbouring twp was last night and pretty damn good.
When we first got there a couple of young men tried to pick us up, which we found very funny - they were pleasant enough, but I think it made us more visible.
At one point we were laid out on our supersized beach blanket just gazing straight up at the fireworks exploding over head, and rather absent mindedly Deb was laying on my arm and my hand was stroking her shoulder, and a rocket exploded with a huge heart shape silhouette and we turned to each other to go "woo-hoo" and ended up kissing. There were a hundred or more people staring up at the sky in the dark, so I really didn't think much about it, other than the ever present cat sense that someone will be offended.
Anyway, after the finale, we rolled up our blanket and started back for home, this guy about 40-ish brushed up against Deb roughly and said "we don't need your kind here this is a family place" and then before we could react this older woman, maybe late 60's said to this guy "what are you objecting to, that they are happy, and in love? what better thing could you want your children to be surrounded by?" and gave us a wink.
There were people all around us, some smiling towards us, some not.
As we were walking back someone tapped my arm and I'm thinking, oh here we go again, and I turned to see a woman I recognised as a neighbour from a few houses up the road, and a serious born again Christian type. I set my jaw expecting the worst when she said "Love is the only important thing" and she gave my arm a squeeze and walked on.
When we got home Deb was freaking out. "I didn't think it would be dangerous to love someone, that anyone could think love was a bad thing".
"Babe, you have to calm down, it was only one guy."
"I know who that was, he knows my father."
"I'm sure he didn't recognise you, it's just coincidence. Two others were supportive."
"Women!" she said. "I'm reminded of that phrase from The Handmaid's Tale you quoted to me the other day, that men are afraid women will laugh at them, while women are afraid men will kill them.”
"Babe please come here" we held each other tight.
"I'm sorry Em, I know that guy, he's just not a nice person."
"Deb, all the more reason to not pay too much attention to what he says, he's just a loud mouth. If we worried about every possibility we'd never leave the house."
"I know."
"It doesn't mean you don't have to be careful, but you have to live your life how you want, not by the expectations of others."
"I know, I guess I was just blissed out there from being with you and feeling closer than ever to you for that moment and then bang, he comes rolling in. It shook me up."
"Well, that's not a bad thing either, you have to be aware, just don't let it rule you."
"Are you never scared?"
"Hon, I'm just like you, some days I'm fearless, other days everything makes me jump."
"I'm never fearless."
"Babe every day you go to work you are! I could never do that, especially dealing with the public in your face every day. You play to your strengths and yours is being a thoroughly decent human being and have others recognise you as such. I don't have that gift."
"No you don't, that is true."
"You monster!"
She kisses me.
"I love you" she says.
"Good, you'd be in so much more trouble if you didn't."
"Just say it back, why do I always have to drag it out of you?"
"That's how I keep you under control!"
"You are such a Bleet sometimes, just fuçking say it."
"Debbie, I love you more than any other person anywhere ever."
"You'd better."
"Just take off your clothes already."
"I love you Em."
"I love you Deb."
"Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them." Attributed to Margaret Atwood.

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