A stranded night of cranking my car

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A stranded night of cranking my car

Postby lynnsclunker » Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:27 pm

For the past couple of days, my car has not been running the greatest.
I know it needs a new fuel pump, but have been putting it off because of
the cost and I am enjoying the struggles it is bringing me with
stalling out and trying to get it started. Knowing that my baby has
been giving me troubles turning over for me when I ask her too, I was
feeling frisky and wanted to play and be met with a challenge that many
would deem uncomprehendable beyond there small imaginations. In other
words, people would shake there heads in dismay if they understood my
little plan that I had for this very "special" and loooong night I would
take on. I hopped up off the couch at about 9:30 pm, turned off the
Lifetime movie I was watching and began to put my little plan into

I had carefully done my fingers and toes with a cute honeymoon red
polish that I just love on my toes as they carefully work my car's gas
pedal trying to get it to turn over for me. Carefully packing a bag
filled with my favorite pumps and sandals from brands such as Highlights
(Soft &Flexible pumps) Lifestride, WhiteStag and Fioni along with satin
nighties, nightshirts and teddy's from designers like "Secret
Treasures", "Gilligan & Omalley" "Vanity Fair" and "California Dynasty"
and last but not least a couple of "Girlie Toys" I ran the bag and my
battery jump box first too my car figuring I would need all of them to
help me start my car eventually on this looong lonesome night I was
about to embark on. All in all, I had about 6 pairs of pumps and
sandals and 8 different pieces of satin lingerie with me to assist in
starting my old car on this night.

I quickly returned to the house to slip into nothing more then my
favorite pale blue satin nightshirt by Secret Treasures purchased at
Goodwill (you can find some really cute lingerie at Goodwill and
Salvation Army :-)) that goes no lower then the top of my thigh wearing
no panties or bra. I did some eye liner, applied blush and red
lipstick. I grabbed my black soft buttery leather Express purse, made
sure my make up was in it along with my black leather cigarette case and
a couple packs of ciggs. I was ready. I put my purse over my shoulder,
grabbed a pair of my well worn black leather wedge flip flops made by
Montego Bay Club carrying them in 1 hand and a soda and lit cigarette in
the other and walked barefoot out to my baby girl in nothing more then
my satin nightshirt with nothing underneath. I couldn't believe how
daring I was going to be on this night!! I put the flip flops and purse
down next to me on the seat, soda in the cup holder and slip my bare
butt onto my car's soft leather cool seats. It was time for fun, with
my right foot now hovering over her sleepy gas pedal which soon would
get one of the longest, most aggressive and arduous workouts it has ever
endured with me and my baby tucked neatly deep into a wooded area off of
a trail I am sure no one would venture down 10:30 pm at night. I loved
this spot as I knew I could not be seen, my car would not be heard
mercifully cranking over and over for hours at a time and the threat it
posed if I actually couldn't get my car started again of being able to
actually get help back to me and my car to get us out of the woods. It
is a GREAT location to crank in the nude if I desire so which I have
done many, many times in these woods along with walking along the path
in nothing more then a satin nightie or teddy being barefoot.

Five quick pumps and I turned the key to be greeted with the lovely, in
between my legs moistening sound of "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" which is what I
would be very accustomed to hearing for long periods of time before
nights end and mornings sunrise. A couple bounces now and I get her to
sputter for me. Now I start coaxing her "cmon baby if your goona fight
with me then I will pump you harder and longer if I need too" I urge my
car. With this, she turned over for me. With that, I started on the 10
mile trip to my favorite spot deep in the woods of an old abandoned
undeveloped construction site that once was going to be developed but do
to the downturn in economy, whatever project had been started was
halted. It is a great spot in a rural area off of a road that has
little traffic off of it and the trail to my favorite spot in the woods
goes back approximately 1 mile to where I park in the woods and play
with me and my baby. Not a soul is ever around as people don't even
know this place exists, therefore my car can't be heard or seen cranking
away in the still quiet night or my voice screaming at it at times
during the battle to get it started.

About a mile before my turn off onto the trail, I hit a red light and as
soon as I stopped, not only was the traffic light red but now my dash
board was red in front of me. My car has been stalling quite often do
to the fuel pump problems I have been having with it. So, I hadn't even
made it to my private play place and now sat in the road with a stalled
motor wearing nothing more then my pale blue satin nightshirt barefoot.
Great! I immediately put my flashers on as I had a bad feeling me and
her might be there a couple of light changes. The good news, it was so
late at night and this road is not heavily traveled anyway that no cars
were around or coming. Sooo, with my left leg curled up on my leather
seat and right leg now beginning its usual routine that it usually does
everyday lately of bouncing off the seat when beginning to pump the gas
pedal, we began a little warm up battle of what was yet to cum once I
got to my favorite spot just down the road. The usual 5 dry deep
thrusts of the pedal all the way to the floor and back up before turning
the key first only to be met with a not so promising "rrrrrrrrrrrr" that
was lackluster at best, in other words she didn't even tease like she
was trying for me. Release of the key and the only sights and sounds
were the hazards resuming there "blink blink blink" in the road and the
sound they made in the car when it was not being cranked, and me
beginning to bounce as the sound of the pedal squeaking thumping the
floorboard began again while I continued pumping it. For reasons I have
no idea, the sound of my car's hazards going "blink blink blink" turn me
on beyond belief, especially when stranded in the middle of the road
wearing nothing more then my satin nightshirt:-) Now I sat in front of
a green light, bouncing and pumping on a dead motor, looking in the rear
view mirror as the first sight of head lights were about 150 yards
behind me moving my way. They didn't seem interested in stopping to
help me because they blew by me and my stalled car pretty fast shaking
us even more then we were already shaking from all the bouncing I was
doing now cranking it over again. I am sure they probably could see me
through the window bouncing up and down trying to get it started,
especially since the hazards stop blinking when I start cranking the
motor, so they saw the hazards blinking, then not blinking, then
blinking again along with me bouncing like crazy!! They could have
cared less, why are people this mean?? That's ok though, I didn't need
there help anyway! I would get it started with my barefoot thumping the
pedal and my bare butt bouncing up and down on the soft leather seat
that now had become wet beneath from excitement. Wrapping my left arm
around the steering wheel and pushing the cigarette lighter in on the
ash tray, I prepared myself for a third attempt at cranking my motor
over as the red light above me now changed to red again to start the 2nd
cycle that I was stalled in the middle of this road late at night with
no help.

"Blink blink blink" my flashers continued blinking as the cigarette
lighter popped and as I pulled a Capri menthol from the black leather
cigarette case tucked in between my legs on the drivers seat. When I
drive, I like to keep my cigarette case tucked between my legs for easy
access to my cigarettes so I don't have an accident fumbling through my
purse for them which is usually either directly beside me on the seat or
in the drivers side front floorboard tucked against the seat by my left
foot. Since my right foot was starting to hurt a little from pumping
the pedal, I decided it was time for me to slip back into my wedge flip
flops to help me pump the pedal more. Besides, with these wedges I can
get more leverage and deeper pumps on the pedal. With still a red
street light above and now a lit cigarette in my lips, I began to VERY
aggressively pump the gas pedal, this time about 15 times before turning
the motor over again as the distinct sound of my wedges going "tap tap
tap" on the pedal could be heard as I continued a rhythmic bounce on the
leather seat with each pump of the pedal. My bare bra less ta ta's were
very jiggly under the satin nightshirt I was wearing as I bounced and
bounced. Continuing to pump aggressively I turned the key and this time
got more of a promising "rrrrrRRRRR" she was starting to sputter and
tease as I continued pumping and pumping while bouncing like a mad women
on that wet leather seat below me. I stopped cranking it, dry pumped it
very aggressively another 10 times and turned her over again to finally
hear "RRRRRRvrrooooom" as she staggered to life for her mommy. I now
turned off my flashers, slipped back out of my wedge sandals and started
to drive the mile to where I would turn off of this road onto the trail
where me and my baby would crank the night away until dawn. Based on
how my car was running, I wondered if I should even be daring enough to
take her down that mile long trail in case I really couldn't get her
started. What would I do for help being all the way back in the woods
with not a soul around to help or better yet not being able to get a tow
truck to come down the trail to tow me out if I couldn't get her

Deciding that I was very perky (as could be felt below me on the wet
leather seat I was sitting on) and wanted to be daring and play some
with my baby, I turned off the main road onto the dirt path that leads
me into the woods. I made my way back slowly into the trees on the
trail driving over ruts and small ditches with caution with the motor
sputtering and not running vary smoothly at all. I was still barefoot
with a lit cigarette in the ash tray. As I entered the trees, where I
no longer could be seen from the road, a deep moisture and quiver hit
between my legs as butterflies kicked up in my belly as they always do
from the excitement of the place I have grown to love and am really the
only person who knows of its existence. I knew in about 10 minutes I
would be having the time of my life with my car in nothing more then my
satin nightshirt bouncing the night away up and down on that soft
leather seat on my bare butt pumping and pumping that gas pedal trying
not to release to soon as I did at the last red light I was stalled at 5
minutes ago so I could keep the energy I needed to continue working the
gas pedal to get my car restarted for me yet again. The deeper I go
into the woods, the weaker my cell phone signal gets. Where I park, I
basically have no cell phone signal, so I am really stuck if I get
stranded back here, which is exactly how I want it!! And, having
nothing to change into, I would have to walk out of the woods to use my
cell phone in only a satin nightie or teddy to phone for help if I ended
up needing it:-) Wow, what a sight that would be for somebody. I would
be able to throw a satin robe over me though as I always had one, but it
still would be a sight for someone.

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Re: A stranded night of cranking my car

Postby lvbrftdrvng » Tue May 10, 2011 8:21 am

great story, your car is very lucky because of its owner. thanks a lot for all these wonderful stories. hope ton talk to you or chat sometime ...

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Re: A stranded night of cranking my car

Postby JaVAN » Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:30 pm

:P Wow I just read your fantastic post. I just loved it,and so exciting. I would never be able to control myself while being a witness to such a dreamy demonstration. I am asking my self where were women like you many years ago that have the same fetishes that I have had all my life. I just love women, everything about you all. I like all the neat clothes, shoes, nylons, and feet and legs . The whole package. It would be so neat sharing all of the pedal pumping experience with someone for life. You are certainly a rare beautiful diamond .It certainly would always be very exciting. Yeah people will never understand what floats our boats. I've loved this stuff for many years and that is what makes me go. KEEP WHAT YOU ARE DOING, SOME OF US LIKE IT A BUNCH. It s what makes the world go around and not be boring. Keep the pedal pumping to the floor forever! CHEERS , and it is nice to know that I am not alone and embarrassed!

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Re: A stranded night of cranking my car

Postby ilr1971 » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:56 pm

OMG, what an amazing story, I can just imagine you stranded in sexy satin and heels, begging your clunker to start :mrgreen:

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Re: A stranded night of cranking my car

Postby ILpumping » Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:47 pm

Loved reading the above Lynn. I also agree with previous posts in knowing there are women like you out there and knowing I am not alone. Anything recent to share?

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Re: A stranded night of cranking my car

Postby lynnsclunker » Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:00 pm

I have daily trouble sweetie

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Re: A stranded night of cranking my car

Postby ILpumping » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:19 pm

lynnsclunker wrote:I have daily trouble sweetie

It's nice to know there is someone out there who enjoys the fight of a stubborn car.

Being from the US and where I live it's a rarity to find anyone driving older cars. May I ask, have you ever been all dressed up, out and about, or after a long day at work and ready to come home and were met by a stubborn car that didn't want to start?

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Re: A stranded night of cranking my car

Postby denisehornsby » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:46 am

On the rare occasion my SL55 is a bit reluctant to start I just hold the key over a bit longer ensuring my right stiletto (if I am wearing heels) is hard down on the gas pedal, no pumping required, this always seems to work, no messing about, you should try it,

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