Rainer Maria

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Rainer Maria

Postby emilycurious » Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:25 pm

Rainer Maria recently got back together after ten years or so, they are post-rock. Their new album just came out, it's good, dark.
I like them, a lot, i have all their albums and a few live bootlegs.
I saw them several times in their heyday when they were indie/emo darlings and then when they reformed last year, and I'm going to a gig next month.
My girl hates them!
Of course she is entirely different generation raised on Swift, Kanye etc etc blah blah and doesn't know any music history. I'm not a fan but I kid you not, she didn't know who The Beatles were!
I'm thinking, is this what my parents went through when I started listening to music - I mean I am completely perplexed by Swift's "songs" - is she even singing?
I have about 7,000 albums, about half are vinyl that's twice as old as me, rest is digital, mostly live bootlegs, very eclectic mix of blues, jazz, fusion, minimalist avant-garde, prog rock, pure pop, punk, 70's rock, 80's & 90's indie, and The Smiths! Last musician I was seriously into was Jeff Buckley. The last album I downloaded (and kept) was Car Seat Headrest - I actually paid for Rainer Maria's latest.
I go through stages of liking different genres - now it's all the classic prog rock - Yes, Genesis, Floyd and playing right now is King Crimson (Court).
She hates it!
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