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Changing rooms in shops abroad

Postby Maisie2002 » Thu May 03, 2018 1:05 pm

I was on holiday in Greece and the strap on my bikini top had snapped so I went with my mum into the town near our hotel to buy a new one. It wasn't a massive city or anything, so it was like mostly small shops rather than big department stores. So we went into this shop that sold some sports stuff, but mostly swimwear, and I picked out a couple of bikinis to try on. I asked the woman where the changing room is and she pointed to the back of the shop. It was kind of round a corner, down a little corridor at the back of the store. When I got there, it was just one changing booth and was clearly unisex because a guy had just gone in. They didn't have a seat or anything so I just had to stand outside and wait.

The thing was, the booth just had a flimsy old curtain across the front, not a door - and it didn't close all the way across, so I could literally see right in. There wasn't anywhere else to stand in the little corridor without going right back into the main shop, so I just had to stand there while I waited. The guy who was in there was actually not bad looking and like 20 - 23 maybe, so my heart started beating a bit when he took off his tshirt and started undoing his belt. He had his back to the curtain, but there was a mirror on the opposite wall, so I could see him from the front in the mirror. I was worried he'd notice that I could see him and get mad, but he didn't seem to notice, or maybe he just didn't care too much. So he got down to his boxers which was quite a nice view, and I figured he'd put on the swim shorts over them. So I literally couldn't believe it 2 seconds later when he pulled down his boxers and basically stood there naked, checking himself out in the mirror for maybe like 15 seconds before he put on the swimshorts. During this time I literally had a clear view of his willy in the mirror and I was really nervous and excited at the same time because I've never been in that situation before. I was actually properly flustered (but in a good way!) It was only a few seconds, but then he obviously had to take the shorts off again to put his boxers back on, so I got another 10 second willy view. When he opened the curtain and came out he sort of looked at me, but didn't really say anything and just went to buy the shorts I guess. I was super-paranoid about trying on the bikini, but luckily no-one else came by while I was in there except my mum.

Has anyone else found this kind of set up in clothing shops abroad? Like, here they always have separate mens and womens, or there's wooden doors so it's fine. Out of millions of shopping trips I've never seen a guy getting undressed in a changing rooms, but on this holiday I literally saw a cute guy's willy in like the first shop I went in.

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