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Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby njakin » Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:35 am

When I was in a trip to the beach with my aunts, in the night 2 of them slept naked. The other day, I showered I was changing on the backyard couse there was no room for change in privacy. When I was in the middle of the process, One of then came and saw everything. sad there was no problem. quite shame

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Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby Maria J » Sun Jul 21, 2019 2:33 am

Some of the posts on here are weird, but the ones that sound genuine I can totally believe. I had a nudity incident when I was travelling in hostels and til I read these stories I figured it was seriously unusual - but it sounds like that type of thing is actually pretty common!

Me and my friend were staying in a hostel and had top and bottom bunks in a small dorm room. The bunk directly opposite had two guys in it. One morning I got woken up by my phone vibrating under my pillow and saw my friend in the bunk above had sent me a couple of messages, telling me to look over at the guy in the bottom bunk opposite. It was early morning and the blind was drawn, so it was only half light in the room, but I could still see quite well. I looked over and saw the guy across from me had clearly had a restless night. To be fair I hadn't slept too well either and it was really hot and stuffy in the room. Now, he was laid on his back, fast asleep, one arm by his side and one up near his head, legs kind of bent, breathing heavily but not quite snoring. His duvet had slipped right down and was trailing onto the floor, so everything above mid-thigh was totally exposed. You guessed it - he was sleeping nude. I messaged my friend back to agree it was really funny and said maybe we should make some noise so he'd wake up and realise. She basically said we should make the most of the view and not wake him up (he was kind of her type, to be fair), so we both just laid in bed, looking over at the naked guy and sending each other messages.

After a few minutes I got looking at something on my phone and wasn't really paying attention to the guy - me and my friend have way different taste in guys - when she messaged me like 'OMG'. I looked over at the guy and he was still laid on his back fast asleep, but he was starting to get an erection! I have to admit it was weirdly fascinating to watch it slowly grow from being small and floppy to being a full erection, with him fast asleep and completely unaware. Despite not really fancying the guy it was still a bit of a turn on to see it, and my friend who thought he was cute was absolutely loving it. She literally has no shame and messaged me to say she was touching herself while looking. Way too much information, but that's her down to a tee!

I've no idea what the guy was dreaming about, but it was obviously something good, because after a couple of minutes, his erection started kind of twitching. It was flat against his stomach but kept twiching every few seconds. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, it twitched and he literally spunked onto his stomach. I actually saw it happen - but he was still fast asleep. Seriously - I didn't even know that was possible. Surely you'd have to be awake for that to happen - apparently not. I could actually hear my friend's mattress moving as she was doing her thing up above - she says it was one of the hottest things she's ever seen, but personally I just found it kind of bizarre. So the guy just laid there, still asleep while his erection slowly shrank back down to normal size, leaving a patch of spunk on his stomach. Nothing else happened, then about 10 minutes later he woke up and it took him a few seconds to realise he was exposed. It was kind of hilarious seeing him wake up, realise he was uncovered and then the confused / horrified look on his face when he realised there was wet spunk on his stomach. He literally grabbed the duvet, pulled it tight up to his neck and rolled over so his back was to us. He either went back to sleep or pretended to, so we ended up leaving before we got chance to talk to him again.


Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby Guest » Tue Sep 24, 2019 12:40 am

If the guys are stripping down naked or sleeping naked, or walking to the showers naked, or we have mixed showers and they are baring all in front of us, then I will strip down naked without a towel. I go naked all the times in ladies showers, but in front of a man, I am only comfortable baring everything while one of the guys is naked himself (and I mean full frontal, hanging down, not scared of seeing his erection if he has one). Otherwise my skirt, a slip or a towel goes on before my underwear comes off. I don't mind braless, but I am never a naked female in front of a clothed male, not even a BF.


Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby Guest » Wed Sep 25, 2019 11:22 pm

If I am in a mixed hostel dorm where other girls are stripping down, I just do the same. I have my bra off all night in bed, sometimes wear a top, not if its hot. I face away from the men if I can and just slip them down and wrap a towel around to go to the ladies shower. I dry off there, but I put on my fresh knickers and bra in the dorm. They see a naked twenty-year old woman for a minute from behind, so what. Girls in most of the countries I travelled in don't mind to strip off on mixed dorms. I am a little conscious of my sexuality yes, for the naked moment, but in a confident way, much more comfortable that if I was hiding under a towel or wrap. Most guys have seen their girlfriends strip off, probably have been all the way with a woman, so they know what we have down there.

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Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby cardiflip » Thu Oct 03, 2019 7:57 am

If the guys are stripping down naked or sleeping naked, or walking to the showers naked, or we have mixed showers and they are baring all in front of us, then I will strip down naked without a towel. I go naked all the times in ladies showers, but in front of a man, I am only comfortable baring everything while one of the guys is naked himself (and I mean full frontal, hanging down, not scared of seeing his erection if he has one). Otherwise my skirt, a slip or a towel goes on before my underwear comes off. I don't mind braless, but I am never a naked female in front of a clothed male, not even a BF.
I've always thought being hard in these scenarios would be seen as super weird. But judging from all these comments...apparently it's never perceived like that, in a hostel context at least.

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Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby suzzie76 » Sat Oct 26, 2019 5:52 am

Many cultures in Europe can separate nudity in practical situations such as showers with sexuality. Yes they look, but they are raised to be mature and not react, the guys know how to respect the women or make them feel uncomfortable. In Finland its common to have guests over then at some stage all strip off and have a sauna, which is always nude for a number of practical as well as historic reasons.

I've traveled a bit in Europe and been confronted by nudes in various locations, such as saunas and on the beach. I found that its not uncommon for your women to go to the beach with friends with no tops, walk up to the shops from beach topless or even walk around resorts topless.

I'm a free and open person myself (another way of saying nudist if the situation suits), I have no issue being naked in front of others in a non-sexual situation although I would naturally wrap myself in a towel unless actually changing.

One particular situation I was in a co-ed changing room and there was a large group of other women and some guys all standing next to lockers chatting with some getting dressed but mostly butt naked and I had to walk through them to get to my locker after a shower. The towel bin was next to the shower so I thought bugger it and dumped my towel and just squeezed through this group. I was touching boobs, my boobs were touching boobs (not hard, I have a large enhanced rack), I felt a few penises rub past. I walked out and told my husband later I was just felt up by 20 people, are you jealous. He just raised his eyebrows and later when he actually believed me he said he wanted to go back tomorrow, :lol:


Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby MariaAZ » Thu Mar 05, 2020 4:36 pm

So I travelled solo around Europe last year and stayed for a few days in a backpacker hostel in Budapest. It was in some really old building that I think used to be a hospital or something, but they converted it into a hostel, so the place had loads of random corridors and some really weird room layouts. I stayed in a 6-bed girls-only dorm and had a top bunk. For whatever reason, the wall next to my bed had used to be a small window into the next room along the corridor, but now it was a dorm room they’d painted over the glass with black paint to block it out.

On my first night I got there super late and went straight to bed. Once the lights in my dorm were out, I noticed there was a little chink of light coming through the old window by my bunk, where the paint had been scratched off a bit. It was kind of annoying but out of curiosity I put my eye to the little bit where the paint was missing, to see what was on the other side. I figured it was probably just another dorm room. Turned out the room on the other side was - I kid you not - the male shower room for the entire floor. Because it was late there was like one guy brushing his teeth or something, but obviously I took another look in the morning ;-).

The women’s showers all had individual stalls for privacy, but the guys was oldschool. They just had a bench in the middle of the room and a wall with 3 or 4 showers on it, all completely open. So between about 7 and 9 the next morning, I literally just sat in my bunk, wrapped up nice and cosy in my duvet, watching literally 15 - 20 different guys strip fully naked and shower off. They obviously had no idea anyone could see them so I felt a bit guilty, but to be honest it was freaking awesome. There was this one really hot dude I’d seen in the common room who I got to see in the shower twice :-D, plus I even saw a couple of random guys fully jacking themselves off in the shower when they thought they were alone - that was a bit weird, not gonna lie, but hot though.


Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby New_worldie » Wed Mar 18, 2020 5:38 pm

Last year I had a few nights in a hostel in Germany. I got a bed in a mixed dorm with about 10 bunks, but only 3 were taken. There was me and two girls, one from Poland I think and a Korean girl. Polish girl was cool, but kept to herself. Not sure if it was cultural differences or if she was some kind of exhibitionist, but the Korean girl was totally crazy (she did seem kind of smiley and happy though) - just very strange! You’ll get what I mean in a second.

First morning I woke up early and the dorm was half light. I could hear movement behind me so I turned over to see who was awake. I genuinely thought I must be still asleep and having a weird dream. Korean girl had put a thin yoga mat type of thing on the floor in the middle of the dorm (right between my bunk and hers), and was sat on it doing stretches - totally buck ass naked! This was despite the fact she was sharing the dorm with a guy and another girl. I couldn’t help watching - she was crazy flexible, naked and basically doing a solo game of Twister right next to my bed - but it meant I saw way more than anyone should. She had the hairiest muff I think I’ve ever seen, like something from the 1970’s, and she kept on stretching and spreading her legs wide open - I’m not even joking.

I coughed or something so she knew I was awake, but she literally just smiled, said hi and continued for another 5 minutes, legs all over the place. When she was done, she rolled up her mat, threw on a t shirt and went off to the bathroom. She did the exact same thing the next morning too - a 15 minute stretching routine whilst fully nude.

That day I also happened to use the communal bathroom at the same time as her. She casually wandered down the hall to the bathroom and back in just a t shirt - so completely bottomless. I noticed a couple of guys who were chatting in the corridor as she walked past literally did a double take. She also lined her things up in the room in an exact order and spent ages folding her clothes in a precise way before putting them in her case, oh, and seemed to have a collection of about 10 empty plastic water bottles lined up next to her bed.


Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby Vegan_Ellie » Mon Apr 27, 2020 1:15 pm

I had a... let’s say ‘interesting’ experience when I stayed at a budget hostel in London. It was a few years ago now, so I just looked and the hostel doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I’m kind of not surprised as it was a really basic place. Because it was really cheap I rented a private room for my stay. It was super basic and tiny but at least I didn’t have to share with any annoying people or weirdos. The hostel had an odd mix of people, some backpackers, some people in town to party and some European school groups.

My room was on an upper floor and there was a bathroom at the end of the corridor. The usual toilet stalls, three shower stalls and some benches etc. The weird thing was it was a mixed facility, but the showers were in stalls that you could lock, so I wasn’t too worried. My first night I realised the big dorm next to my room was occupied by a group of German teenage guys, all around 17 or 18 who were on some kind of school trip. I think their teacher was staying in a different room, because on my first night they were running about in the corridor and shouting til after midnight. So I went and complained to the reception guy, and by coincidence the German guys’ teacher happened to be at the reception desk, so he overheard and apologised. Needless to say there were no more noise problems.

So the next morning I got up early to grab a shower before the rush and while the bathroom would still be clean (top hostel tip btw). While I was in the shower, it suddenly got really noisy with German voices, so I knew the class of boys had clearly just come in. At first it was a bit weird being in the shower and hearing male voices, but the stall was locked so it was fine, and I could hear the teacher’s voice so they weren’t being too rowdy. When I was done, I dried myself in the stall and awkwardly got dressed, trying (and almost succeeding) not to let my clothes touch the wet floor.

So I unlocked the stall and stepped out into the main part of the bathroom. Talk about cultural differences. I can only assume this would’ve been considered normal for Germans about 10 years ago, but essentially the teacher was stood by the sinks, supervising, while the boys - about 8 or 9 of them in total, all stood in line waiting for the showers, all COMPLETELY naked. A couple of them had a towel wrapped around their waist, but the others just had them in their hand or slung over their shoulder, with everything on show. I’d literally only ever been in the same room as 1 naked guy before (and that was my boyfriend), and here were like 8 or 9 of them. There were penises everywhere.

Weirdly, I seemed to be the only one who was embarrassed. I’d have expected them all to hurriedly try to cover themselves up, given they all looked about 17/18 and I was a 23yr old woman - at their age I’d have been mortified if a random older guy saw me naked - but nope, they just carried on with their chatter and laughter. [Is this casual attitude normal for Germans?] I went to leave, but their (fully clothed) teacher recognised me from the night before and apologised again, and asked me in English if I’d had any more problems. I told him I hadn’t, he said ‘good’ or something, then something in German. I was about to step past him to leave, when he said ‘(two random German names) have something to say.’ I was confused for a second, until two of the boys lined up for the shower sheepishly stepped forward (one fully nude and one in his towel) and said they were very sorry for disturbing me in the night. I didn’t know where to look or what to say, and I could feel my cheeks blushing, so I just said it was fine, thanked them and quickly left. I just can’t even begin to imagine a teacher making two male students apologise to a woman whilst in the nude, something like that would literally never happen where I’m from.

The next morning I arrived a few minutes too late and the German boys were already in the bathroom, all 3 showers occupied and a couple of boys getting dressed, with about four lined up waiting, all of them fully nude. The teacher was supervising again, though this time I remember he was wrapped in just a towel. Another woman had entered just before me and looked as shocked as I had been the day before to come face to face with a line of young, naked guys, but the teacher said something to them in German, then told me and the other woman to go ahead and take the next available shower. I tried not to look at the guys too much, but I’d decided after yesterday that I had nothing to be embarrassed about and just acted normal.

I washed my hair that day so was in the shower a while. By the time I came out the last of the guys were in the other showers with just their teacher waiting. I went over to the hairdryers opposite and started drying my hair. They were old and useless, so I was stood there for ages. In the meantime, the teacher went into a stall, so I was left in the bathroom with a couple of the guys who were getting dressed behind me and two who’d just got out the shower. I don’t know if it was a dare or a joke or whatever, but one of them walked up to the other hairdryer and stood right next to me, totally nude, drying his hair. I could hear the other boys laughing and saying things in German, and because we were stood in front of a mirror, I basically couldn’t help looking right at his full frontal nudity.

I remember he pointed the dryer at his p***s for a few seconds which made the other boys laugh hysterically, but I took the opportunity to jokingly say ‘I don’t think that’s how you’re meant to use it’ or something similar, which they seemed to understand, as they all laughed and he kind of sheepishly turned away to get dressed. Pretty much at that point the teacher reappeared from his stall, and omg he was naked too. I remember he looked in his 30s and was quite athletic, but this was just too many penises for one day, so I left with my hair still half wet.

The next couple of days it was a similar routine in the mornings, I’d shower, see most of them naked or in just a towel, to the point where seeing 8 or 9 naked guys each morning had basically become normal - I know, wtf right? I saw their teacher in the nude one more time too, and he was actually quite fit. On my final morning I don’t know what came over me, whether the fact I was due to check-out in an hour made me more confident, or if I was just feeling goofy, but I decided to have a bit of fun. So I went for my shower a little earlier and waited until I heard them all come in. I’d gone into the stall in just my knickers and towel, and left my clothes on the central bench where the boys hung their stuff.

Once I knew they were in the a bathroom, I stepped out of the stall in my thong, the rest of me wrapped up in my towel. I then went over to the central bench as casually as I could (I was super nervous) and unwrapped my towel, so that I was practically stood right in front of them all in just my thong. I’ve never done anything like it before or since and I’ve got to say the thrill was incredible, like a massive hit of adrenaline. I didn’t feel comfortable going nude, but here I was standing topless in front of about 8 naked 17/18yr old guys and their good looking teacher. I had some moisturiser cream that I started rubbing on my legs, occasionally glancing up at the boys. I loved the fact they were all blatantly staring at me - something that up til a few days before would have literally seemed like my worst nightmare. I have to admit it made me feel quite sexy, which I don’t usually, though to be fair at their age they’d have probably stared at any woman’s breasts.

I stood upright and rubbed some cream into my stomach and sides, and couldn’t help noticing that one of the boys watching me looked like he’d got a bit turned on. The others didn’t seem to have noticed, or I’m sure they’d have all been laughing at him, so I just carried on rubbing in my moisturiser cream. After about 30 seconds I’d done my stomach and started rubbing the cream into my boobs - just gently massaging it in, nothing suggestive. I totally underestimated the effect this would have - rubbing moisturiser into your boobs is apparently kryptonite to teenage guys. I looked over and literally three of them were sporting full blown erections. Like, properly erect. I noticed two of them had turned kind of sideways, I guess to try and disguise it.

I figured I should probably stop at this point, especially as their teacher was there and what had been intended as a bit of fun had clearly had way more effect than I expected. I’m not the sort of girl who normally gets loads of guys’ attention and I know it was kind of cheating as they were like 17/18 or whatever, but it really gave my confidence a boost.

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Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby Used to have abs » Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:34 pm

Some people just have different standards and treat hostels like they’re at home. You also learn quickly that some people are just a bit weird. I’ve never really had any issues in dorms, but when I stayed in one place there was a couple in my dorm who were travelling together. They were Europeans and although they never did anything nasty like having sex etc. when people were in the room, they seemed to think it was fine for the guy to spend time in the dorm in just a t-shirt. Like, he’d be laying on the bed with the girl, they’d both be watching something on a phone - and he’d just he laid there in only a t-shirt, so everything below his waist was fully on show, even though other people were in the room. Like, dude, would it really be so much effort to put on some boxer shorts?

To be fair I never complained or said anything to them, and the others in the dorm clearly weren’t too bothered either, but I just find it really weird that a guy would laze about and spend time with his girlfriend in a shared dorm of 6 people with his p***s casually out for all to see. The girlfriend seemed fine with it, and I never saw her in less than shorts and a vest top, so who knows.

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Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby Mac » Wed Jul 01, 2020 8:50 pm

We should be able to accept casual nudity under situations like this without feeling threatened, frightened, or ashamed. Mixed dorm rooms, shower and toilet rooms should be the norm.
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Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby DavyJ » Tue Jul 14, 2020 5:20 am

Wow; these are all great posts here. My compliments to all the women who started out very apprehensive, but in time decided getting naked was no big deal. I have not stayed in any hostels in Europe, but quickly learned that even regular hotels can be quite relaxed about dress codes. In a Budapest hotel, the entire spa was co-ed and clothing optional. Almost everybody was naked in the sauna and the showers. I have never been shy, so this was no big deal. There was also a yoga room where most people were at least partially clothed. I went in with just my towel and was immediately invited to join a (co-ed) class just starting. When I said something about only having the towel the instructor assured me that was no problem, she even said I could leave the towel over on the rack, so it wouldn't be in the way. It was great and everyone was very respectful. The instructor even made a point of warning everyone they were going to get hot and sweaty, and inviting them to take off what ever they were comfortable taking off. So there I was, in all sorts of strange positions, completely naked and surrounded by many women and a few men, the majority in their underwear (some topless, some not), but a few also naked. It was a great mix, and no one cared one way or another.

All places should have the same relaxed attitude.

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Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby cardiflip » Mon Aug 02, 2021 8:02 am

When was this? I'm sure that's all changed by now lol

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