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Postby Notasymbolofstrength » Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:30 am

bethbopper1 wrote:I have kicked guys in the balls with pointed shoes and believe me a quick kick with no power at all causes damage every time. I barely kick them and they drop and usually have to go to the hospital with extreme swelling or damage. Must be tough to be so weak down there.

No argument from me. A barefoot kick dropped me. All I could do was look up at her and beg her not to kick them again. Swollen for a week.


Re: groin kick

Postby Boxer101 » Wed Oct 31, 2018 11:00 am

Hello, I’m a 20 year veteran of martial arts. I am a former boxer kickboxer/ tough man contest fighter and I have been a self defense instructor and I was an army combative instructor when I served. Point blank the groin strike works on both genders to an extent. The difference really isn’t how large he target. For males you can hit almost any angle. But with females say you throw a front kick you want to hit with the shin but you do t want to be fully horizontal you want to come in at a upward angle to hit the clitoris. I have witnessed it many times a female WILL drop to the ground and stay down for a bit. As will a male but it is not always sure fire some people more so I have noticed with men will have a delay to the debilitation. Sometimes they will get hit and their adrenaline will spike and for a few moments to a couple minutes they will be far more aggressive, stronger, and faster. They will eventually feel it on a deeper level but you would be hard pressed to get away from them unscathed due to their adrenal overload. I highly suggest not relying on the groin strike in a self defense situation all the time. It’s much more reliable to focus on the eyes, knees, or my favorite the throat.

-just wanted to clear that females are not immune to ground strikes in any way Iran just a smaller target


Re: groin kick

Postby shitbird3000 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:16 pm

I was watching a baseball game during recess and this guy threw a flat rock from the outfield and it directly hit my left nut (perfectly). My legs snapped shut and some girls were sitting around me, they saw me react but did not know why. I tried to take it but could not. I fell out of the seat on the bleachers and had to curl up tight. The pain was intense and i was helpless, could simply not move at all. It was the first time my balls got wracked so hard. This girl said "whats wrong?" I said "something hit me in the balls." She kneeled down beside me and petted my head and said "oh my god." She said "does it hurt bad." I could hardly breathe and said "it hurts so bad." The other girls left and laughed. This girl stayed and rubbed my belly in circles and it helped so much. She said "is it going down some?" I said "yeah its dropping." She said "does it hurt in your balls bad still?" I said "oh god yes." She moved her rubbing down lower into my groin and it was amazing how skillfully she got it to stop hurting so bad. I asked how she learned it and she said "i have wracked my brother many times." She walked me to the school and i could barely walk. A teacher said "you are both late for class" She said "give him a break he got his testicles hit very hard." I got a major boner from it.

Marco 14

Re: groin kick

Postby Marco 14 » Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:08 am

I had a fight with my younger sister who kept annoying me and my friend when we were playing chess. I stood up to push her out of the doorway to my room. She was laughing and said I should be sorry but I kept pushing her away from the doorway. I was going to see her fight back against me by teasing her in front of my girlfriend saying that only sexy girls are allowed in any way. She said I'll make sure I'm really sexy in a minute. Later in the evening she was laughing and stood in the middle of the doorway she gave me a smile and she would play with us. She was laughing and wearing a black skirt that went just to her knees. I pushed her out of the doorway to get her away from me but she was laughing and said I should be sorry but I kept pushing her away from me and then she brought her knee up really hard and kneed me in the balls. It was extremely painful and felt and embarrassing getting hurt there by my sister again. I was in tears. It was extremely painful and felt like my nuts had been split into bits. I was in agony all day with a stomach ache and when I tried to feel it was really painful. She was laughing and said I should be sorry but I can't have babies and never mess with girls again. She kneed me so hard I was on the floor in pain for at least an hour and said I should be sorry but It was extremely painful. My girlfriend was shouting at her and said it's not fair to do it so hard.

Mike balls

Re: groin kick

Postby Mike balls » Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:44 am

I won't a girl to kick me in the nuts where to find one

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