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Re: Marvelon???

Postby Guest » Sat May 13, 2017 2:34 pm

I started marvelon when I was 15 because my sister was pregnant young and I didn't want that happening to me even though i wasnt "active" I'm now 18 I was 130 when I started the pill I'm 190 now I have not changed my diet at all I have started trying to eat health and work out more in the past year with no results I was actually still getting bigger I went from a 34b to a 38d I would have major mood swings and anxiety and I have a history of depress which didn't help I always felt stressed and I had absolutely no sex drive recently many nurses told me my weight gain is most likely because of the marvelon and my period was getting shorter and shorter so I decided to stop the pill I feel so much better happier I haven't gained weight in a week I usually gain a pound or two intense diet lose a pound and keep doing that now I'm losing weight slowly less stress less hungry less weight I feel great


Re: Marvelon???

Postby Guest » Thu May 18, 2017 8:31 pm

Is there anything positive about this pill? All negative reviews. Or do people not post the good stuff.

Jazz Oktober

Re: Marvelon???

Postby Jazz Oktober » Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:14 am

Hi Ladies

I have been on Marvelon now for 2 years and one month.. I started it before I get married and have sex for the first time in my life by 3 months. In the first two months I had frequent feelings of nausea which were cured by eating something or drinking water so it wasn't a problem at all, it was very mild then it stopped.. I didnt gain weight at all before the wedding but I guess anyway with the stress we always tend to loose weight before weddings. After I got married I had an extremely hard time accepting sex because of the pain I used to feel,we couldnt even have an intercourse because I felt like there wjas a wall inside me.. kind of vaginismus for about 9 months.. I thought its all pyschological but I also stopped being romantic and felt less attraction or passion towards the man who became my husband.I also gained 5 kilos instantly two weeks after the wedding which didnt make any sense as we were very active during our honeymoon with alot of activities.. I stumbled on this forum because am thinking of coming off marvelon.. am scared to get pregnant but I guess we ll just use condoms.. but i really want to loose these wicked kilos and also explore if I actually have a better sex drive then what I have been experiencing so far.. because for me sex doesnt feel amusing as I always thought it would eventhough my husband and I have a very strong chemistry ever since we met.. but to also mention the good side of Marvelon, i never had headaches, no specifically mad mood swings except the normal that is related to periods, my periods now last for 4 days instead of 7 days and are on time (it was never bed before Marvelon, I only started taking it as a contraceptive), maybe a better facial skin, nothing major except that I gained weight but it also might be related to marriage and that I dont have an amazing sex drive but maybe thats my personality... i will keep you posted after i get off it and am sure anything left natural is always better.. despite the fact that I am still young and not ready for pregnancy.


Re: Marvelon???

Postby Zel » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:33 pm

I have been using marvelon for 3 months now. I am constantly hot headed. I get easily worked up. I think the hormones are making me this way. Next month ill change my pill


Re: Marvelon???

Postby Ails » Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:57 am

I never write reviews but after reading this forum I felt I must share my experience of taking Marvelon. I took Marvelon for 8 months to help control my very painful periods during my a level exams and a bonus would be for it to clear up my acne on my cheeks. As far as my periods were concerned, it worked, they were very light and hardly any pain, my skin got worse for the first few months, I even had spots on my upper lip, chin and forehead as well as the cheeks but then it cleared and no spots at all. WARNING I put on 2 stone in weight and have lots of cellulite, especially around my thighs, bum, hips and stomach, no matter what I do I can't loose it. In my experience, Marvelon made me gain weight. I eat healthy, I exercise three times a week, nothing changed except taking Marvelon. I have read so much saying taking the contraceptive pill doesn't make you put on weight, well I think it did me!

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