Getting over disagreements quicker

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Getting over disagreements quicker

Postby Giraffe76 » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:24 pm

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me the best way to get over or past arguments that i have with my wife.

We dont have massive arguments where we shout and scream at each other as we always have tried to talk to each other but if we do have a disagreement or an argument it would probably be what alot of other people call small or minor disagreements.

My wife seems to be able to forget about it and move on quite quickly whereas i seem to hold onto it for hours if not a day or so.

Whatever people can suggest id be very grateful

Kind regards Mark

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Re: Getting over disagreements quicker

Postby Elysa » Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:51 am

"Getting over" isn't how you should approach the subject. People are human and they argue, it will always happen and cannot be avoided. Instead, learn from it. Arguing is a reflection of ourselves rather than the person we argue with. Nine times out of ten, we find ourselves being at odds with another person due to our own insecurities or fears. Have you ever tried to argue with yourself in a mirror? It's ridiculous. It's also interesting. It's difficult for us to confess to ourselves our own personal problems and face them. We must face them. It's crucial that face ourselves if we want a successful relationship. "Getting over it" leads to indifference, and indifference will kill the people we love.

Arguing is tricky, because while can uncover the true colors of a person, it can also mask their real intensions. Arguing can also be very very intimate. Sometimes we argue with the people we love the's not always pleasant, but it's necessary. We need to pay attention to the frequency, intensity and reasons for our arguments.

It's not childish to ask, "Who started it?". "Who started it?" is a valid and important question to ask. It should not be ignored. Whoever's starting the arguments is following a pattern that should not be treated as trivial. It's a huge reflection of the person inside.

Just remember, we say a lot of things we don't mean when our blood is hot...however, we also say things we've been wanting to say but haven't otherwise. Talk about the arguments you have with your partner. Put your cards on the table and make sure they are laying their cards as well. Analyzing why you fight is an activity for two, and that's what makes it intimate. Intimacy must grow and never die out in a relationship.

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