Husband don't touch me

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Husband don't touch me

Postby Lonelywife » Tue May 08, 2018 10:57 am

Not sure what to do..about a year ago I ended the affair I was having with one of my friends this past year I have became married and pregnant I have cut off all communication with my friend because I know what I was doing was wrong and I wanted to be faithful to my husband ,I'm not justifying what I did but my husband refused to eat me out and be romantic for me and I was giving and trying new things and got nothing back in return. I haven't had oral sex in so long I forgot what it feels like I try asking him he say we can do it but something else always takes our time ..we barely have regular sex and I can admit my body has gone thru so much changes I barely have a desire for it but I haven't had an orgasm in months I want to because I know I won't be able to I'm due any day now...apart of me wants to contact my friend and let him eat me out but apart of me doesn't want to let him know that I'm still going thru friend is the first man to ever make me orgasm and squirt from oral sex and he knows that he's very cocky about it I don't want to seem weak and give in because I know if I allow him back the cycle will start over do I control my thoughts about oral sex and my friend

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Re: Husband don't touch me

Postby light1313 » Tue May 08, 2018 12:40 pm

Did you have an affair with that friend while you were married to your husband or was it before your husband? Has your husband stopped eating you out because you had sex with that friend or is it because of something else? If its not because of that friend and your husband did give you oral in the past then give it time, it doesn't mean he is not ever going to do it in the future. I wouldn't recommend that you go to your freind for oral sex it will only casue you more trouble. I dont know whats on your husband's mind some men are kind of less eager to have sex due to changes in a woman's body during pregnancy. Concentrate on your baby now since you are due so soon. Try to communicate with your husband and understand whats on his mind.
Take care.

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Re: Husband don't touch me

Postby Elysa » Tue May 08, 2018 5:27 pm do I control my thoughts about oral sex and my friend

How do you control your thoughts about oral sex and your friend?

You could try getting a lobotomy. No wait, sounds like you've already tried that.

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Re: Husband don't touch me

Postby OllieMartin » Mon Sep 21, 2020 2:36 pm

I yearn for some love and affection from someone and, although I could go on as I am, when I think of the next 30 years or so without this, especially when my children have left, I feel very down. I don’t know what to do. I wouldn’t know how to begin to leave him as I have nowhere to go, cannot afford to rent somewhere else, and don’t want to leave our lovely house. I am going round in circles and, meanwhile, month after month, year after year goes by. I wish I could just have a break from him in the hope that we could then continue, and make a new start.

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Re: Husband don't touch me

Postby table » Wed Mar 17, 2021 8:47 pm

I would suggest counseling or divorce

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