The Greatness of Saturn


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Re: The Greatness of Saturn

Postby damien0019 » Sun Jan 04, 2015 9:31 pm

Btw, I'm kinda scared cause I'm Gemini as well same as Angelina, and Vaj mentioned Saturn return is going to be a Bleet for her, so Yikes. But I'm not nefarious like Jolie.

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Re: The Greatness of Saturn

Postby Bucephalus » Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:21 pm

Btw, I'm kinda scared cause I'm Gemini as well same as Angelina, and Vaj mentioned Saturn return is going to be a Bleet for her, so Yikes. But I'm not nefarious like Jolie.
Damien, I know less than nothing about astrology but am often amazed by how correct it is, especially in the character descriptions. My sweet grandmother was a Gemini. She may have had two natures, but both were wonderful (or she hid the bad one very, very well!). I am interested in the difference between Gemini duality and Pisces duality, which supposedly runs in opposition to itself at least some of the time. That's my sign, and it figures. :roll:

My grandmother was Gemini, my mother was Capricorn, I'm Pisces. We were all three closer than close, just as tight as three coats of paint. Seems odd, but again, I know nothing.
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Re: The Greatness of Saturn

Postby Vajra Nagini » Fri May 01, 2015 4:02 am

SUFI study is in some ways more difficult, in others easier, than
other forms of study involving man's development of himself.
It is more difficult, for instance, because many of the approaches
and behaviour-patterns needed by Sufic study are not naturalised
in ordinary culture: they have not been needed by societies in
order to form and sustain themselves up to a certain point.

It is easier, again, to approach many Sufi patterns because we
already have the analogy of thought-patterns and behaviour instruction
being passed down by the culture for establishing and
maintaining itself: the principle is there.
But sometimes the two arc in conflict - or seem to be. For
example, the undifferentiated desire for attention and frequent
stimuli intakes in common-denominator rhythm is known to

In most human cultures, especially in the cruder forms,
this stimulus-intake has been harnessed to the culture's own service.
It has not been analysed and divided up as, for instance, you
would divide (in the case of food) appetite from nutritional
requirement and again from taste, flavour, habit and greed.

So, taking our example, people have sanctified greed - so long
as it is the kind of greed prized by the society. Ail other kinds of
greed are labelled 'bad', but acceptable greed is labelled 'good motivation',
only too often.
This diversion of greed into national, tribal
and similar objectives only perpetuates addictive behaviour. People
develop a taste for, say, attention; the society says: 'Yes, you
may have it - all you have to do is to seek our approval by works
of charity, heroism'- whatever the society in question thinks it
wants or needs. "

Such approved works not infrequently cause injustice
to others.

Because the victim seeks and gets stimuli, he is generally fully
occupied with this, and fails to see that he is being manipulated, or
that he has a compulsion.

His spectrum of perception of the (in
this case) acquisitive is never developed, It is as if he had a sense
of touch but could not tell fine from rough, or hot from cold.

He is correspondingly at a disadvantage in respect to people who
have a finer sense and also in respect to his and his society's
possible variety, including the solution of problems.

As he has never been told that there is such a thing as a sensitive touch, (to
continue the analogy) he cannot perceive it. As he gets approval
from using coarse touch, he is at the mercy of those people and
institutions which lay down the rules.

As he does not conceive the possibility of anything more sophisticated, he has no chance
of finding it. Because it does not exist, of course, within the terms
of his conventions, in his/her reality.

Or he may imagine the possibility,
but be wrong in his choice of method of developing it.

This is, of course, the pre-rational, pre-scientific, pre-organised
state. It is referred to by Sufis as the 'All Soup has Lumps In It'
situation, after the tale of the yokel who wouldn't accept lumpless
soup because he hadn't encountered it before, and refused to eat

So he is not only coarse, he is an addict. How can he be cured?
He can be cured by experience. But first he must conceive the

Next he must be exposed to it, but only after he has
attained 'spare capacity', time and alignment which will allow him
to focus on the problem. He can never do so while the only
alternatives which he is offered are simply other forms of addiction.

He must get used to the idea that he is automatised even while
he is gulping the panacea called 'I am not going to be automatised!'

He may have to try again and again. Saadi, in his Bostan,
'The Orchard' says: 'Not every oyster holds a pearl/Not every
time does the archer hit the target'."

Idries Shah, Methods of The Sufis."Learning How To Learn".
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Re: The Greatness of Saturn

Postby V.A.J. » Fri Nov 23, 2018 11:11 pm

The Saturn Return is the most indubitable of all the astrological transits. Ask anyone in the "counseling' business; they can tell you that it is an observable fact that "people seem to lose their minds between the ages of 28 to 31".I quote. It is true: people have been known to make a complete 180 between one day and the next, and upon investigation,that change will have found to have been the herald of the Saturn Return.

But what exactly is the Saturn Return?

A horoscope depicts a moment in time. "Horo" is 'time and "scope" means to examine or "to look over". Thus by examining a moment in time as portrayed by a horoscope, it is possible for an astrologer to get a sense of the nature of that moment. But the natal horoscope (the horoscope of the moment of one's birth)continues to move forward, and all the planets continue to move in their eternal round, and eventually RETURN to their natal positions. The Moon returns to its natal position every month.Venus and Mercury, being close to the Sun, return at least once a year. But the outer planets move much more slowly, and thus it takes Saturn about 28 years to circle around to its original position in one's horoscope. and once it does, things start to happen with remarkable facility, to arrange themselves in preparation for the testing period known as the "Saturn Return". People will appear or disappear; one may suddenly pull up stakes and move elsewhere or suddenly and inexplicably cancel plans to do so.Many strange things happen and when one looks back, one can see VERY clearly how events disposed themselves as to 'set the stage' for what came next.

One thing is certain, however: it is a time of upheaval, change and TESTING. It is the transition between youth and maturity: the crystallization of the personality.

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Re: The Greatness of Saturn

Postby truemystic152585 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:55 pm

According to the Vedas, these centers are called ‘Bhumi’, ‘Planes’. There are seven such planes. The center at the heart corresponds to the fourth plane of the Vedas. According to the Tantra there is in this this center a lotus called Anahata, with twelve petals.

The Centre referred to as Visuddha is that the fifth plane. This center is at the throat and has a lotus with sixteen petals. When the kundalini reaches this plane, the aspirant becomes free from all ignorance and illusion. When the mind reaches that plane, one does not enjoys talking or hearing about anything but God (Ultimate Reality). If people talk about worldly things, he leaves the place at once.

Then comes the sixth plane, corresponding to the center known as Ajna. This center is located between the eyebrows and it has a lotus with two petals. When the Kundalini reaches it, the aspirant sees the form of Satchidananda (Existence- Knowledge- Bliss Absolute).

But even then a little trace of ego remains. At the sight of that incomparable beauty of Sathchindananda’s form, one becomes intoxicated and rushes forth to touch and embrace it. But one doesn’t succeed.

Please see kundalini awakening stages

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Re: The Greatness of Saturn

Postby V.A.J. » Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:19 am

The Aquarian Avatar Shri Ramakrishna would immediately do just that whenever worldly people came around him. He also would go into samadhi so profound that he did not respond even when a doctor that was present touched Ramakrishna's open eyes with an experimental finger and checked hs breathing. His devotees were outraged, but there was, after that, no doubt that the Master's trances were not a fraud. He was initiated into the most profound of the Left-Hand Tantric Path (that is, the occult mysteries of the East) by a respected Tantric yogini (Left-Hand adept) the Bhairavi, and was proclaimed an Avatar by her to some of the greatest minds of the day, who agreed wholeheartedly. His Kundalini was visible to his disciples and devotees; one described seeing Ramakrishna's back and his spine was "swollen like a thick rope". RK tried to describe the higher levels of Kundalini but he could not, because he would slide off into deep trance and turn into a smiling statue for many minutes whenever he tried to describe the experience. Finally he had to give up, telling them they would have to do the work and experience it for themselves.

The most important and valuable piece of information I ever received about Kundalini was, that it was absolutely vital to have a God-form established in the consciousness, in order that the God-form might take charge of the released energies of Kundalini and restore Her to Her Divine state. If not, Kundalini will be diverted into the three lower chakras and the aspirant will develop a ravenous appetite for food, sleep and sex. Thus spake the Aghori Master "Vimalananda" in the second book "Kundalini" n the trilogy "Aghora : At The Left Hand of God" by Dr. R.E. Svoboda.

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