Harry and Meg Must Pay Own Security in USA

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Re: Harry and Meg Must Pay Own Security in USA

Postby Guest » Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:03 pm

Guest wrote:
Guest wrote:
Guest wrote:Oprah will pay their security. Maybe they bought Ellen’s house she sold that is next to Oprah’s in Santa Barbra but I think it’s Malibu.

Trump answered the question people were asking who’s decision is it if our country should pay for security.
It’s the presidents so he ruled and that stands.
They treated him like crap so why should he pay for their security?

LOVE how Trump gave them the finger, they deserved it!

Honestly, if the brits dislike meAgain, they’d like trump more than they think. He calls people out their crap... you all saw her through her from day one. That’s how he is. Some Americans find this refreshing after all the bs politicians have fed us for years.

Yes,but the narcissist doesn't like being called out for his behavior at all.

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