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Postby Raddu » Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:53 am


My name is Radu and I am glad that I became a member of Femalefirst comunity.

Since when I was a child I fell attracted by women's feet and especially their high heels.
I love to see women wearing high heels; from my point of view the image of a woman wears high heels, it is the most beautiful and sexy thing that you can see to a woman.

I like very much feet fetish, but I especially love crush fetish.
The power and the confident that a pair of high heels gives to a woman makes them feel powerful and dominant.
I also like the women that adore to be dominant with men.
For me to see a woman wearing high heels and loving crushing objects under her very sexy and beautiful feet, it is the most exciting thing that could happen for me. I like so very very much this fetish that it is very hard for me to describe it in words...
Since when I was little, I dreamed to a scenario with a woman wearing high heels and crush under her very precious high heels my valuable stuff, the most important things for me.
The feeling when you see a dominant woman who doesn't care about you at all, crushing your very valuable things without care it is indescribable for me.
I am so excited when I see a woman with a very sexy feet and perfect pedicure wearing high heels. In these moments, it is very hard for me to resist to this situation, and I can't handle myself to put my valuable and sentimental stuff to be crushed, by a beautiful Goddess under her very precious high heels, without thinking to cosequences.
Even if I would do, it will be very hard for me to resist...
Everytime when I see a dominant woman wearing high heels I dream to different scenarios for my fetish.


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