Enigma of infertility

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Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby riser » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:55 am

What about the bore in the abdomen? It is very outrageous. Hi dear, are you reading this? You should get the best inspiration from it and forge ahead. Never ignore as it is very inspirational. I know your condition is not such as this but you should never lose hope at all cost. Such a forum as this should act as a catapult to give us hope when things become the worst of all. I am certain the boil was removed. In such a condition, it would be prudent for surgery to be done. It would help in giving you back the life you have ever wished. All is not lost dear. You have heard there are ladies who are going through hell and yet they remain strong. You too should not shy away. It is a step towards the best things you can get in life. I hope you get well soon dear. You will concur with such a good advice from these ladies here. Take courage.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby heigrt » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:56 am

All is not lost my friend. I am almost shedding tears. Life is so unbearable if a lady learns so well that she can’t conceive. I would wish never to stop what I am reading here. It will give many ladies a reason to smile in such painful circumstances. I don’t think there is any lady who would enjoy pain. It should always be remembered that when one is suffering, the best thing to do is to seek guidance and solace here. I can’t afford to stay away. I have helped many and through that blessings have trickled like rain. I think abscesses like what I have read previously are removed. It is not a long-lasting effect and it calls for total patience. I know life was not all fine on your side. But after all that, never forget to put God first. As you do so remember it is always important to see the doctor. In the wake of time, I would request you to go for IVF. Or even surrogacy will suffice. Thanks again ladies.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby rediana » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:57 am

Life is sometimes very unfair. If at all there is something that is so painful, it is going through what my fellow colleagues are going through. Over the passing of time, I have tried to explore. I have learned the deep pain and anguish ladies in this forum are going through. Yours dear is not something to worry you. You should take a bull by its horns and forge ahead with confidence. I recently bumped into lady whose condition was sickening. She was suffering from unknown illness. It took the intervention of the doctors to treat her right away. Were it not for them, it would be so late. She had a surgery for fibroids. She was always at pains on how to overcome such. Fibroids are so disturbing and if they are no treated right on time, I can tell you they are very sickening. Ultrasounds and scans were the order of the day. But it is through a forum such as this she later got a sigh of relief. She is so happy now.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby keyri » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:58 am

Hi all dear ladies. How are you fairing dear? I am really feeling for you. Hope things worked out well for you. It is a presumption that I am trying to make. I left you struggling with unknown condition. Hope all went fine on your side. It would be good for you to seek the treatment from the right and adept physician. If you do it hastily, you will have concurred and crest mountains. You should not forget that if you do so, happiness will not only yours, but us all. Personally, I will be delighted to hear all went on well. I know it is not simple but after all what is important is hindering to the advice you are given by other ladies. From the simple research I have done of late, I can vouch for surrogacy. It is not a complicated process and I know if you would follow the doctor’s advice you will never struggle again. Try Ukrainian clinics. They are very good in such services. I bet you will never regret.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby campionee » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:59 am

I am very delighted to be right back. The amazement and the amusement can easily be felt from your faces ladies. As usual, I can also shout and support surrogacy. It is a very good practice for infertile ladies. It goes a long way in bringing back the lost hope. I bet it is a bit expensive in some countries. But I would wish to do more research on its worthiness especially in Ukrainian clinics. Recently I took my cousin there and she can’t regret. All it takes is to convince your husband to agree to give you sperms. It is a legalized process and it goes a long way in bringing back the lost hope. I can concur with ladies here how easy it is to regain back your fertility. All that is important to note is the effectiveness of the whole process. Through proper and right attitude and approach I can tell you will forever be happy. Try this process dear and you will never regret. I hope you become successful. It will be my joy to come back and learn about how successful you have become.

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