Enigma of infertility

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Enigma of infertility

Postby chistiner » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:41 am

Hi all, I am a very new member here in this forum. I have been subjected to very many tests of fertility and I am unsure of what to do next to increase my chances of fertility. It has not been an easy ride for me since I married. Life became hard and complicated the time I married. I always made sure that I had never done sex. It was one of the good treasures I was destined to give my husband. My husband was so merry always. To marry someone who is still a virgin was something too rare. I maintained it till then. The aim of my husband is to get cute bouncing babies. Babies that will be on our watch all round the clock. Hell broke loose the time we had to get our child. Sex was so fun and everyone enjoyed it. One day, we decided to do the timing. The timing would help us get our first born. Disappointments trailed on us right on spot. We were mesmerized and the more we tried we couldn’t. I occasionally feel pain in my lower abdomen as well as painful sex. I scream loudly like a child and shed tears. What might be the cause of infertility???


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby caroli » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:42 am

Are you having problems with ovulation dear? Whatever you are telling us here is so heart wrenching. I am feeling as if I am the one going through such vagaries of pain. Ovulation dysfunction is the main cause of female infertility. It usually occurs due to hormonal production imbalance, problems in the menstrual cycle, or in the ovaries. Lately, the specialists have noticed another problem that has become more and more frequent: premature ovarian failure. The cause is still unknown, but it is believed that it is related to the great amount of toxic substances that we consume and that we have daily contact with including nicotine and alcohol; to stress, and to immune system diseases. This is more so when the body produces substances that act directly against itself. Women with this ovarian alteration have their normal periods. They will only find out that their ovaries are not working as they should. When they do some specific hormone level tests, or when they go through the ovulation induction process, using medication during the treatment to get pregnant, and they have an ovarian response much below the expected or even no response. Kindly seek the medical attention for your case. I am 100 % sure you will be treated and you two will merrily be happy.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby michelee » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:43 am

Are you aware of PCOS? The vagaries of infertility are so biting especially to us ladies. I don’t think there is a lady who can attest to be happy due to infertility. This is a disorder caused by imbalance in the hormone production. PCOS can bring about changes in the menstrual cycle. This is a long time between the periods. Sometimes it is even the absence of a menstrual period that causes ovulation dysfunction. Consequently, the lady experiences difficulties in getting pregnant. Moreover, extra hair may inconveniently increase on face and body. The skin may be oily, acne may appear. Worse still is the excessive fat that may be accumulated in the belly. I bet you need to go and be tested. It is so overwhelming and very heart wrenching my dear. Your hubby can dearly accompany you there for convenience. This is the time he needs you most and I bet you will concur dear. Nothing is strange for sure. Your life will be well soon. Patience is key. If not that you can go for IVF.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby devini » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:44 am

Could it be endometriosis? You have mentioned abdominal pains and what has clicked is this. I know it is very painful to experience such. I am a true testimony of the vagaries I underwent during my pregnancy stages. I took time to get the treatment through ultrasound. It was not easy for me and my husband as well. We suffered a deafening and trying times till concurred. Endometriosis is a complex disorder; which cause is still unknown. It develops in the female reproductive system. It has been estimated that 15% of women in fertile age may have this condition. It occurs when the endometrium, the uterus inner layer eliminated during menstruation, is found elsewhere in the body. The ovaries, the fallopian tubes, and even the intestines, the bladder, the vagina and other body parts far from the uterus may be affected. It causes chronic pelvic pain, strong menstrual cramps, besides pain during the sexual intercourse. Adhesions and inflammation in the pelvic region may happen. It also has a negative impact on all the processes that are related to fertilization in a natural way. You need to quickly and fast go for the right checkups to treat this. If all goes to the worst, you can go for IVF or surrogacy.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby smai » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:45 am

Hi all. Thanks a bunch for sharing such vital information with our dear one. I personally feel there might be something wrong with your fallopian tubes. Have you been referred for checkups? An x-ray would be good for such. The fallopian tubes are the way the eggs go through from the ovaries into the uterus. It is the place where eggs and sperms meet after the sexual intercourse. It is also the place where embryos start their formation. Therefore, if something obstructs this very small tube, the fertilization is impossible to happen. In fact, the fertilization in vitro laboratories have the role of doing what fallopian tubes should do. Most commonly, the obstruction is due to infections in the female genital system. Chlamydia is one of the microorganisms more frequently found in this process. Once the micro-organisms are removed, I bet you can decide whether to go for IVF or surrogacy. I am very certain that it would be quite possible for you. Again, sweet talk your husband to see whether he can allow you to use his sperms. Surrogacy requires you to use your husband’s sperms. It is my wish that all will be well soon.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby elsiele » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:46 am

My eyes are so watery dear. The story in the post is threatening and very overwhelming. Like myself, I went through the same thing. What differentiated me and the other ladies was the courage to forge ahead. It could not be easy at all and I am very sure you know that yourself. I am hoping you have been tested by the doctor or physician. The pain can be because of endometriosis or myomas. The myomas may affect the uterus function. Remember the uterus receives the embryo coming from the fallopian tubes. However, they are rarely the cause of infertility. They are the cause if they grow inside the uterus. In some ladies they may cause infertility if they are in some area that compresses the embryos passage. Most frequently, they are surgically treated. Nowadays there are minimally invasive procedures as well as non-invasive procedures. If they are treated and they recur, that is the time I would propose you think of other procedures that would suit you dear. Such include IVF or surrogacy. I understand you are going through hell but take courage. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby piere » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:46 am

I need to know your age dear. It will be very good for our analysis and estimation. I know it is very paining but all the same it will help you a lot in dissecting your problem. Many ladies are going through such hell and in a forum, such as this they come out victorious. Are you experiencing periods? If so, how often are you experiencing it? Have you also been tested for early menopause? Those are questions that are lingering my mind as I am very unsure of your specific age. Kindly share with us so that we can be able to advise you accordingly. Sometimes you may find that due to changes in female social behavior such as the entrance in the labor market and the accumulation of tasks, it is common to delay the decision of getting pregnant. However, the ovary starts its aging process from 35 years of age on. This ends up decreasing its fertility levels and the chances of getting pregnant from this age on. This is considered one of infertility causes from the present world. Guidance and advice must be made, so that couples will be aware that the female fertility peak occurs between 20 and 30 years of age. If you have been medicated, it would be wise for you to think of fertility treatments like surrogacy or IVF. Surrogacy requires a legalized process and it requires you go with the husband’s sperms.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby blessed » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:47 am

If I am not wrong, you might be suffering from thyroid disorders. I have a small sister who had the same problem. What helped her is seeking the medical attention at the right time. She didn’t sit back and watch things unfold. Her husband was so stubborn and he almost chased her away from home but thanks heavens she survived the blows and kicks. After all the struggles, she started by performing ultrasounds. As if not enough, she went on for an x-ray. Things went tough until she decided to go for advanced checkups. This time with the conviction that all will be well. When the cervical tests were done, it was realized that the thyroid glands were the source of all these problems. What could she do now? Those are the questions she asked herself. There are many thyroid disorders, but the most common are hypothyroidism. This is the reduction or no production of hormones and hyperthyroidism. This is the excessive production of hormones. The hormonal imbalance caused by these disorders may affect the ovarian function. After all the struggles and the positive test of hyperthyroidism, she concurred after undergoing the treatment. She is boasting for being a mother of two babies who are twins.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby miracle » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:48 am

There could be very man causes of infertility as my fellow ladies has elucidated. What on uses to treat it is the one that matters. I guess your problem might be hormonal problems. How often do you menstruate? I am asking you this since you could have a problem with your ovaries and you don’t know. Most of the cases that I have ever heard emanates from ovarian failures. It is so demeaning for a lady to learn that she can’t ovulate. The problems come from the FSH and LH which are reduced or not produced at all. The result is the inability of the lady to ovulate. One of the rare cases is the prolactin disorder. You need to go for checkups to ascertain this. Prolactin is a hormone that stimulates the mammary glands to produce milk. Any disorder with prolactin may alter the menstrual cycle and damage ovarian function, consequently interfering in the production of eggs. Just in case you find yourself there, no lost hope should hinder you from expecting good things. There is surrogacy or IVF. They are very nice fertility procedures you can think of. They only need to be legalized and all the other things will flow by themselves.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby shemuwa » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:49 am

Personally, I would ask you to seek professional treatment. It won’t be worth it for you to sit back and assume. Often, we ladies tend to thump our chests and watch things go haywire. Infertility problems are overcome so easily if you take the right medication. First, the tests are required so that you can have strong confidence of the treatment. Just in case you have not sought the right medication and tests follow this; Normally, a fertility specialist can assess your overall reproductive health. After that, he or she conducts some simple tests to identify any underlying causes of pregnancy delay. For women fertility tests typically include some blood tests and ultrasounds to check for ovulation. This is done to ascertain the specific fertility conditions and ovarian reserve. Some additional tests may be needed to check your fallopian tubes and condition of the uterus. When all is done and the result are positive, then the lady can decide to go for fertility treatment. As usual and with my case, I went for surrogacy. It is requiring a legalized process in your country of origin. Above all, you must carry with you the sperms of your husband. Hope your husband would accept the same.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby renadya » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:50 am

It is usually unfathomable to undergo the same problem repeatedly. The problem of infertility is very worrying. I have also tried to read all your woes but I must affirm my sorry state for you. It pains and causes anguish in someone’s heart. Have you sought the treatment as per now? It would be prudent for you to do so. I have been trying to think about you and I have been touched to the bone. In the wake of circumstances, I am very certain all will be well. I have a friend I also directed last week. She was very merry and thankful of my guidance and she can’t afford not to smile. All that is needed is seeking the doctor’s professional advice. All this comes with cost. If you want to go for IVF it is very much Ok. But all the same remember the treatment will help you move an extra mile. If you follow all the advice that I have read here plus my initial submission, I am 100% certain you will concur at last. How I wish many ladies can join this forum.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby shoew » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:51 am

The lesson can be learned if we make a move to help and counsel. That will be the only way out to uplift the lost souls. It is usually painful for a lady to go through ups and downs and yet we watch things turn around. I would wish again for you to go for IVF. It is not a complicated procedure and I am very sure you will concur at last. As I speak, I am very overwhelmed by the thoughts of goo will. For those who have mentioned about surrogacy, I salute you. It is a very simple process if done at the right time. What is only required is the legalized process it had to undergo. More still, it must be done using the sperms of the husband. My dear, however much the pain you are going through, get it from me, you will emerge victorious. Never shy away from the truth. The illusion of wellbeing can be done at this state. It would be wise you try to follow the good instructions I am reading here. Above all never disappoint them. I can’t afford to keep mum when things are moving so well.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby whitee » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:52 am

The rise and fall of a kindred spirit depends on who surrounds you. In this forum, I have not only been blessed, I have also been enlightened. Ladies, I have never been so happy. I never knew there is such a comprehensive process of fertility treatment. Life takes someone as she is and gives you what you deserve. Repeatedly, as I try to read such testimonials and confessions, I am out rightly blessed. For sure as a counselor, I have come across the very simple method of all. The ability to get the right treatment. Surrogacy is very right and much in order. For one, it should be legalized in your country. It is a step by step process which should be done with care. Above all, the choice of the medical facility should be key. All this depends also on the consent of the husband. If he obliges, it would be prudent you go for it. Never shy away dear and you will concur. I have ever been through it and I can vouch for it.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby luker » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:52 am

I can’t stop reading all this. I will never move away from this forum. It is so inspirational. As ladies, this is what we need. We have gone through a lot. The ups and downs that we go are quite unfathomable. All we can do is to encourage each other so that we can rise together. I know dear you are struggling so hard to get a kid. Keep on and never lose hope. It might be a very long process, but I tell you there is nowhere that is so nice as this. Me too I learnt what to do here and I can’t regret at all. In the event things go from the worst, take heart. The life of a general starts from simple submissions. The point at which we can stand together and encourage one another. I can’t afford not to smile anyway. I feel energized and ready to go. If life is so nice like this, then we are destined for great things.


Re: Enigma of infertility

Postby asap » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:53 am

I am over the moon as I speak. Dear you are in the right place. All that you need is total concentration and follow up of all what you are being counselled. The concerted efforts help us rise from one point to another. I recall a lady who went through such painful experience. She was suffering from some abdominal pains. On seeing the doctor, she was diagnosed with unknown illness. The abscess that was so protruding in her abdomen was painful beyond reproach. She could not concentrate at all. She could also alienate herself from others in such circumstances. The boil turned sore and started smelling. She could not rapport well with others. You can imagine all that she was going through. It was a period of highs and lows. Were it not for the intervention of the doctor, she was dying. There was an outgrown cancerous tumor which had turned so dangerous.

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