(Wrens) women in WW2

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Re: (Wrens) women in WW2

Postby BeckyTheBest » Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:10 am

An old friend of the family who was in the WRNS (now, alas, deceased) used to speak of her experiences ... but never of corporal punishment.

Two stories that stand out were firstly, that whenever they moved to a new base, there were never any plugs in the baths. She used to curse the lack of public spirit of the thieves who took the plugs, leaving everyone else unable to take a bath. Then one day they moved to a new base where she found that one (only) of the baths DID still have its plug. So she swiped it, and carried it around as her personal plug for the rest of the war ...

The other story was how she used to be one of a number of girls responsible for arming the Swordfish biplanes with torpedoes ... and if you fitted them wrongly, the release gear wouldn't work. So every so often, as the planes came back, they'd see one of them still had a torpedo slung to its underside, and they just PRAYED it wasn't the one they'd worked on, because whoever had fitted the torpedo would get a right roasting from the pilot as soon as they landed (pilots for some reason didn't like having to land an aeroplane with enough live explosive to sink a battleship slung to its underside ... )

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