Sexual Harassment At Work

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Sexual Harassment At Work

Post by hearsay » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:03 pm

Sexual Harassment At Work - Sexual Harassment In The Workplace ? - Is a form of discrimination

I am sure by now you are all aware of the global outburst - war on sexual harassment in the workplace and general discrimination against female gender across all sexual labels at work.

I am so thrilled this has developed into a global debate to a topic that was once a global taboo - that previously should never have been exposed or talked about because it is the wrong thing to do so ? i.e. expose or discuss or report sexual harassment incidents ,as there are consequences to the victim or victims long term i.e. damaged to personal and business reputation is at stake here ?

Society has moved on since then - 2017 was a game changer -Hollywood first broke the news about SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORK PLAY with "change in within Hollywood movie industry " - mostly Hollywood female actresses came out in numbers and men actors to expose the seedy world of sexual harassment that goes on in Hollywood , which then took the global community by storm there after ...

we have got to stand up for our selves and each other and collectively begin to move the "goal post£ past the existence of the male dominating culture " that exist today in our society globally - which is s there to dismiss female gender, suppress female sexuality as men take control of every aspects of our lives (whether is in our private life or business life and/or both at the same time) where mostly men in power of authority use SEX as a CURRENCY to take advantage of a women in the promise of a token of gift to either get a job, retain a job, to get a pay rise or to get a promotion or used as a sexual favour in return for what exactly ? god know what etc - and vice versa etc.

There is a famous saying in our society" never mix business with pleasure " and my reply to this saying has always been "never let anyone mess with your pay cheque, keep sex out of the communication .

We are not naive, they say it takes 2 to tango and communication is never one sided.

Equally any one who is allegedly accused of any form of sexually harassment is innocent until they are proven guilty . So lets be clear of the facts first and establish clarify on both sides of the fence here . The notion of hear say " he said - she said " can some time be blur or a grey area in the middle of emotional outburst or may sometimes come across as miscommunication or down to pure bad judgement or both sides.

Regardless of what the allegations may be or consist of ? - whilst reporting a sexual harassment complaint. It is important to remember that concrete evidence for a any alleged case is required for a sexual harassment complaint to be officially and legally validated by professional agencies.

I would also like to conclude by saying - both men and women can be found to be responsible for sexual harassment , it is not just men who are known for sexual harassment anti - social behaviour in the workplace. But women too are guilty of this so called flirting anti - social behaviour in the workplace as well - sad fact but true , when the foot is on the other pedal .

The various movements promoting " anti-sexual harassment " are all positive towards educating men and our global community moving forward.

The question for everyone here is if "r**** is a crime , what is Sexual Harassment in the eyes of the law ? "
Our global community is divided on this once "taboo subject - Sexual Harassment due to the fact that on one side of the debate - some people use Sexual Harassment complaint to their advantage and disadvantage , and others use this as a
an attack or revenge against a once mutual arrangement then turned soar regrettably for one side against the other, and for others perhaps come forward expecting financial compensation as another motive for reporting a Sexual Harassment incident ?

Who really know what goes on in a room where there are only two people present at the time of an alleged sexual harassment incident took place. It is any ones guess to be frank and it is always very difficult to prove who is guilty or not in cases like this in a court of law surely ?

With that said - I like to you to review this blog and share your view point anonymously or read up about other people's experiences , contribute your view point content to this blog and share the url link with any one who you feel will benefit from this debate and other discrimination incidents moving forward .

Thanks for sharing .

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