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Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight gain

Postby kimmsy » Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:57 pm

Guest wrote:i have had implanon since may 09 i have tried to get it taken out twice and the doctors will not remove it until my 3 yrs is up! i hate the implant i have gained a lot of weight and tried really hard to lose it! i will lose weight taken diet pills but as soon as i quit the weight comes right back! i have really bad mood swings an cry over everything! it is really frustrating! also i bleed very heavily an have been to the hospital bc of it! i dont recommend this to anyone!

My doctor told me I couldn't have it taken out as well a few months ago when I went in to ask for help as to why I am gaining so much weight, when I was trying to LOSE weight! She tested my blood etc but all clear. She told me to give it a little longer, so I did, about 5 months and in that time I gained another 1/2 stone or so.

All in all I've gained about 1.5 stones since having it fitted less than a year ago :-(

A phone call to the sexual health centre at the hospital and voila - I've had it taken out today with absolutely no fuss. Just call the family planning and say you want it removing, say you'll take it out yourself if they don't lol.

I can't wait to shift this weight, the nurse that did it was fab, and she agreed that it was probably the progesterone that's caused it (she suffers from it too). It only took 10 mins to get it out too and didn't hurt one bit.

Just thought I would share my experience.

alli g
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Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight loss after re

Postby alli g » Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:33 pm

hi all thought i would tell my disaster story, as all yours helped make my mind up to have my implant out,i had implanon put in in dec 2008 1 month after having my 3rd child and GP said it would be best contraception for me as it was long term , i loved it , it was brill put on about 2 stone but didnt really bother me didnt think it was anything to do with implant thought it was my age had no periods for 3 years it was bliss so when it was time up dec 12th 2011 decided to have another one put straight back in but this time was nexplanon as implanon discountinued in oct 2011but GPsaid was exactly the same except tube was differant so could be seen on xrays so thought nothing of it 1 week after started a period which lasted till end of january(6 weeks) which i found odd also started having really bad chest pains gp said cause was anxity another strange thing as i'm so laid back its unbelivable turned in to a total stress head cried over the slightest little thing shouting at kids and hubby for nothing, convinced every ache and pain was something more serious and that i was dying and it was my last xmas so got in to debt buying kids everything they wanted for xmas , then came breast pain about 3 week after having implant it was agony like i was constantly bein punched in boobs i've never known pain like except maybe chid birth which was a little wose lol , so did search _ and found this site i relized other women were the same so booked in gp feb 14th gp said it couldnt be implant as i'd been fine for 3 years with other implant , did breast exam everything fine , but after i broke down cryin and insisted it was imlant gp arranged for it taken out next day , (GP NOT VERY HAPPY AND TRIED TO TALK ME OUT OF IT )so had it out exactly 2 month after goin in no probs with removal didn't expect to go bake to normal overnight but only 4 days later got a lot more energy stress compleatly gone all aches and pains gone and best of all breast pain gone, and started my normal period this morning, i still cant belive such a small thing can do such damage to someone but it did , and i an so thankful to all on this site for sharing their stories as i thought i was just going mad good luck to all out there still suffering and insist on getting that thing out, and for all those happy with implant i'm happy for you xxxx


Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight loss after re

Postby allwoman » Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:39 am

hi there...i would just like to add my experience of the implant
a brief history of me is im a mum of an adhd boy who is also hitting puberty, i have a few health issues and it was deemed to be one of a very few contraceptives deemed suitable for me
i had the nexaplanon inserted in late may 2011...i had a bit of a reaction on and around the site where it had been put in and was a little settled down and i thought i had found the perfect contraception...around june time i started to get swollen glands in my neck..since then ive been in and out of hospital, had numerous tests mainly coming back 'normal' time hs gone on my neck glands have got bigger and sorer, i have had chronic itching, continuous fungal ear infection in both ears and no drops, sprays or medication will clear it! skin infection, viruses, but the last month things have become unbearable... i look like i have mumps, am tearing my skin off scratching, my mouth super sensitive and loss of taste, hair thinned, emotional (hardly surprising) and have a universal fungl skin infection plus niggling head ache and suddenly started getting cold sores... I HAVE SEEN numerous doctors and had yet another addmitance to hospital sunday night just gone..a young doctor was taking a full medical report and i mentioned in passing that i had the implant inserted...after a chat with a senior member of the medical staff they suggested i consider removal as my symtoms coincided with be honest i was feeling so desparate i had it removed the next day (YESTERDAY), even though the dr at the clinic tried to oersuade me that none of this was down to the implant i insisted on removal...i have woken up this morning not quite as itchy and the mumps look has eased.....i feel that i had a gradual allergic rection to the implant but time will tell..i can not categorically say my problems have been solely down to the implant but they certainly started very soon after insertion......maybe coincidence but things were becoming so bad with no real explanation that i am glad i have made decision to have it removed. i did not have the bog standard numerous complaints i have seen on here and similar sites but certainly would advise anyone considering this to do masses of research beforee coming to a final decision...hope this helps people and here is hoping that my numerous symtoms begin to ease now!!! x


Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight loss after re

Postby jeeeemm » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:22 pm

i need some help, i got the implant in september, and its now march and ive had a period from the day i had it inserted, its making me sick from loss of iron in my blood, my weight has stayed the same, but im always crying, moaning and being angry about everything, its really affecting my health and i am getting it removed in 2 weeks, but i dont think i can wait that long, i would never remove it by myself i am just wondering if there was any other way to get it done, and anyone know when i will be sane again lol?


Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight loss after re

Postby LJo » Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:12 am

I'm 18 and I've had my implant for nearly two years now, and I regret it 110%
whoever said that the implant doesn't make you put on weight is completely wrong!
I did modelling a few years back, a size UK6-8(same diet as before) since having it in, I have gone up to a size 14! every pair of jeans I own have ripped at the seams from when I walk, my thighs are huge, when I say huge. I mean huge.
I don't have periods, but I have terrible mood swings, and by mood swings I don't mean having a sulk, its a full blown temper thing, I kick off at the slightest things, suprised my fella hasn't done a runner :evil: My emotions have also hit the roof, I cry randomly, sometimes I don't even have a reason for it.
I called my doctors and have asked for them to take it out, and the women said to me that she's refusing to take it out because I don't have a good enough reason?!
so I've got an appointment at the hospital next week to get it removed, if they refuse. I'll cut the b***** out myself. It's changed me as a person.
I'd advise any women to avoid it.


Re: Implanon - Weight Problems

Postby leelee87 » Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:55 am

l15asa wrote:Hi,
I had Implanon fitted for 18 months and have lost 5 Stone in weight during that time by following 'Slimming World' eating plan.
I honestly don't believe the Implanon causes weight gain or prevents you from losing weight - Its simply a case of eating more calories than you burn off!.
I think some people find it easier to blame Implanon than accept that it's their eating/lifestyle habits that are the real problem.

Every person body is different, just because your one of the lucky ones doesn't mean that every one is the same! I was fine on the implanon for the first 16 months, although i gained about 12 kilos, now im getting major pain in my abdomen and even more weight gain.
the implanon has caused me to get constant ovarian cysts, and i have never been more exhausted!
My doctor doesn't know why the sudden change but i am on an antiinflamatory 24/7!
Am thinking of getting it removed very soon, though i cannot take the combined pill as i get migranes and it makes me very ill, does anyone know what else i could go on?


Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight loss after re

Postby STRAIGHT 2 DA POINT » Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:04 pm

Hi im 22 new mother, i have had this life wrecking thing in me for a year and a half (last year feb). I've neva been this big before and i get very depressed. I had da implant in just after having my baby boy, because i got pregnant really quick, my husband and i wanted to wait awhile before having the next one. A thew month later i was feeling lazy, moody bloated and always hungry, never accured to me it could be da implant at the time, so i went to the GP and he told me i had a underactive thyroid and gav me pills, within three months of taking them i felt worse so so stop taking the an felt abit better. It leaves me with a feeling that my GP doesnt no s***.

From Feb last year i hav put on 4 nearly 5 pounds, i was 8st 5 and now i am 12st 3 my height is 5'2 so this deems me as over weight,(bmi) which has caused me to be very depressed, i calorie count everything and i make sure i burn off those calories and more. Every day is a challenge and a non stop thought about my weight, i hav only lost 1stone and 3lbs.

I got talking to other older women who had had the implant and they all said the same thing " IT MAKES YOU GAIN WEIGHT LIKE CRAZY!!! ". And as soon as i saw this site i called my clinic and demanded to get it out, an im getting it out this month on the 27. THANK GOD, There is a silver lineing :dance:


Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight loss after re

Postby Hbabez » Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:51 am

I am getting my implanon taken out today as I have my period for months at a time and sometimes months without one? I never thought I would say this but, I want a regular period! I have also gained weight, am extremely self concious of myself and VERY emotional! Do you lose weight ab=gain when you get it taken out? The weight just wont shift from all the diets I am doing and exersize? :(


Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight loss after re

Postby vic28 » Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:26 pm

I had the implant in for 2 years,in that time I gained 4 stone in weight, so I decided to have it took out. When I went to make the appointment they said I couldn't do it as it had to be in the full 3 years, so I told them straight "either they did or I did it" well they told me to come in a week I went in the next day with a cut on my arm where I had attempted to take it out, except it had ended up embedded in my muscle. End of the story, they took it out straight away.


Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight loss after re

Postby magen » Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:12 pm

I have one too. but i have no insurence and my local health dep. wont take it out and the ob that put it in wont take it out unless i pay them a ton of cash.. can i take it out myself??? im a small girl and its really close to the skin.... what do u all think and how can it be done.. get this demon out of me... they left me f*cked.. HELPPPPPPP :oops:

Miss CJ

Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight loss after re

Postby Miss CJ » Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:54 pm

OMG i can’t believe all the drama around this implant! im so glad i stumbled across it! Its confirmed my opinion about getting it removed, i have an appointment with my doctor on Monday.

Im 23 and im on my second implant, I had the old one in 4 years ago and had the new one (sorry dont know the names) put in, a year ago!

I have ALWAYS been around 8 stone 8 and half! I had a miscarriage when I was 18 and changed from the pill to the implant. My heaviest that I went up to was 12 stone 13 pounds! In around a year!! Couldn’t fit in any of my clothes .. I was always a confident person, and now I feel like a big fat lump!! Im still with m boyfriend of 6 and half years but its had to put up with all my side effects of the implant!! VERY Low sex drive, emotional, mood swings, mood swings because im a heffer and couldn’t find anything to wear!!

April last year I joined a bootcamp 1 hour sessions 3 times a week and a detox for 3 months and I lost quite a bit of weight that took me to 10 stone! Inches lost! I felt on top of the world .. as only till today reading these posts had I not put everything down to the implant! Iv always been into healthy eating, exercise .. I love it, it makes me feel better .. but since the implant its been a real struggle to kick start any motivation to exercise and I have never been a lazy person! After 2 months of not been able to afford the £90 a month bootcamp .. I carried on healthy eating and exercise 3 to 4 times a week, jogging, so I was mixing cardio and weight but weight crept up and I have put on another stone! My friend passed her masters degree in the summer for personal training and nutrition and she can’t help me!! I have boobs on my back!!! I have a rubber tyre around my waist and I have the belly of a pregnant lady!! Going from a little girly six pack, toned butt and legs and a flat stomach .. you can see what this has done to my confidence and self esteem!!
Grrr its so frustrating!! I want it out NOW!!

As soon as its out and im on another form of contraception, I will give it a month for my body to adjust and report back .. I am going to work my butt off and hopefully shed this weight!!!


Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight loss after re

Postby ontrent11 » Sun Mar 25, 2012 5:25 am

omg this is incredible i am so glad i found this thread, thought i was going bonkers for the last few months! i have been an implanon user for the last 4 years now after being forced to use a contraception by my gp after a pregnancy scare...i used to be 9stone as a teen, with a crappy diet and minimal exercise. Since i inserted the implanon at 18, weight gain was my biggest concern so decided to take up some sport and watch my diet. 4 years down the line and a second insertion of implanon later and i can safely say my quality of life has taken a turn for the worst :( Im getting more exercise than i have ever done before in my life and eating like a normal person, yet weigh a hefty 13 stone for a 22yo 5'3 which i am sure is down to the imp bar. aside form the enormous weight gain i have experienced I rarely have the energy to do anything and am constantly tired and i get anxious about little things. i am always bloated and since christmas my breast have been killing me and are so sore when lying on my front. Oh and also haven't got a period in 2 years-my friends always comment how lucky i am not to bother with tampons/cramps etc. but personally i feel that having amenorrhoea for 2 years plus is completely unnatural
That said i dont know what to do :( should i wait and get my moneys worth out of the implanaon bar that was inserted just a year ago? and even if i switch to something like the pill/coil will i experience similar symptoms?
also has anyone experienced weight loss with the removal of the imp bar? i cannot weight to get it removed so i can shift a few stone intime for summer!


Re: hi

Postby lovedthedeposhot » Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:36 pm

shawtee2k6 wrote:i am fourteen. i had the implanon, it made my periods really long and light and also a little discouloured (brown). now my docotor wants me on the depo provera. i am really scared. can anyone help? thnx xx

Hey, the reality is birth control affects everyone differently! As for me, I didn't know until I tried a good deal of them. I started off on different pills when I was about 12 because of severe bleeding and menstrual cramps that kept me from leaving the house. Those helped for a while, but found out later I was hypoglycemic and the estrogen was affecting my sugar levels. Next I went on the Nuva Ring and loved it, but had severe depression and suicidal thoughts, so I stopped that method. Finally I went on the Depo shot. This method worked the best for me. I haven't had a period or cramps with it in about 4 yrs and actually lost weight on it. I am becoming a certified fitness instructor and am very health conscious, and I also workout aboutt 2 hrs a day 4-6 times a week. So unlike the previous post about blaming birth control too easily for weight loss or gain, I DO BELIEVE that certain birth controls can affect your weight (otherwise they wouldn't put that as a side effect on the information sheet). I have a friend who tried Depo and her body reacted poorly to it! I really think it is a hit and miss with birth control. I stopped the depo about a yr and a half ago and got the implanon put in as my dr. thought I'd do well on it since I did well with Depo. BAD idea!! I am constantly hungry even after eating a huge meal. I had extreme cramping throughout the day, and mood swings. I just got it removed and went back to the Depo shot.

The implanon is convenient because you don't have to go in for 3 years, BUT it isn't for everyone. I would recommend giving Depo a shot (no pun intended) and see how you like it. You have to get the shot every three months - which is less convenient but almost everyone I know who has had it loved not having periods anymore. Just be conscious of the side effects and if you find that you cannot live with them, then try another method! There are plenty of options out there. Also note, your hormones changes throughout your lifetime: at puberty (obviously), in your mid-twenties, and then in your late forties / early over time you may experience a difference in your reaction to a birth control method that was working for you earlier in life!

Sorry for the long reply, I hope this helps!


Re: I know how you feel!!!!

Postby Guest » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:56 pm

I got the implanon in almost 3 years ago after having my second daughter thinking back now iv had quite a few of these symptoms all along but jst pushed them aside weight gain, mood swings, constantly tired no matter how much sleep i had, what i always taught was i had depression because i got so low and always crying around when my period was due but as time went on they got worse then i came across these threads and its a definite FACT that the implanon has caused all these symptoms i taught i was just loosing my mind :roll: so 3 days ago i went on the pill ovranette and today i had the implanon taking out :D so i shall wait n see how things go over the next few weeks but im confident that il get my old self back :) Hopefully i might shed a few pounds aswell :lol:


Re: Implanon contraceptive implant-weight loss after re

Postby ShannonD » Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:02 pm

Hi, I'm 17 and planned to get the implant next week. Seeing as I'm a woman, and a teenager at that, my weight has always been a major concern of mine and I'm terrified of getting the implant now because of all these stories of dramatic weight gains. I don't think I could cope with gaining an extra stone, never mind 2 :/ is there any advice on any surgical contraceptives that doesn't seem to have affected people's weight gain? I don't want to go on the pill, I'm more than likely to forget about it most days, so I think a surgical option is the only way forward for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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