Licked out by boyfriend after cheating

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Re: Licked out by boyfriend after cheating

Postby horny24seven » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:45 am

Oh F*** ya' this happened to me in college after dating my girlfriend for over two years. I think about her often - she was so F****** hot - 5'2'' petite blond and about perfect in every dimension. She was a college gymnast if that helps with the description. She was the first girl that sucked me until I came in her mouth. The first time she gave me a blowjob when I was ready to cum I tried to pull her head off because my other GF's trained me that way. There was no way I was getting her head off my C*** until I was empty and she always sucked and swallowed. She was also my first that would not allow me to pull out when I came. I think about her all the time and I haven't seen her in 12 years.

I played D1 American College Football and transferred schools my Sophomore year to a school that had recruited me hard that I turned down. I regret that decision to this day, but the only good about the mistake I made in choosing a football program was meeting Chantelle. She had gone to my same high school and I had fantasized about her often as most other guys had in high school. I was in the same Psychology class as her my first semester in college in a huge class of probably 200+ students. I sat in the class room auditorium balcony most of the time when I actually went to that class and remember seeing her walk in to class so F****** hot I wanted to jerk it on the spot. Out of sheer luck a friend of mine in the same dorm was dating her roomate and when I found out I begged him to hook us up on a blind date. Our first date was a double with my roommate and hers. We started the evening drinking beer and smoking some hellashious weed and getting friendly then went to a movie where we were mostly civil in public - held hands, necked a little, but that was it. We went back to her room after the movie to her dorm and my roomie and hers went back to our room. She wouldn't let me F*** her that night because she was on the rag but that was the night my life forever changed in terms of sexual pleasure and expecation from the two blow jobs she gave me where she forcefully shoved her head down on my C*** when I tried to warn her I was cumming. My God thinking back on the head she gave me still makes my dick hard. She was amazing. A week later when she was off her period we finally f*cked and I tried to pull out again when I started to cum, but she would have nothing of it and grabbed my ass and forcefully told me to cum in her. I came in her mouth and her pussy every time we had sex for over two years until I transferred schools to play at a different university.

This is the part of the story relevant to the post and sorry for the long back drop. After I transferred I missed the hell out of Chantelle which I am sure you can imaging by now. The first chance I got I drove four hours to surprise her on a Friday night to wind up being greeted by her roomate who told me she was in bed with a friend of a friend. I'm making a long story short. I left that night pissed as you might imagine and confronted her the next day. She admitted to F****** this complete turd of a dude and letting him cum in her. Knowing what I know now I wouldn't have been hurt like I was but damn did it hurt. Looking back on it the thing that hurt the worst was that the guy was a complete slob and one of the ugliest biggest F****** dorks I knew in college. I laugh now, but I didn't at the time. He F****** came in my hot girl friend of over two years and made me feel like the F****** loser. I do LOL at myself and the entire situation now.

Ok to the subject of the thread. I started F****** a friend of hers who damn near as F****** hot - a little brunette who was a little chubby, but nearly as masterful in the sack. That turned our sordid relationship into a F*** competition which ultimately led to her F****** a group of frat guys I later found out about from someone that didn't know either of us who described Chantelle perfectly and how she gangbanged a group of frat guys over the winter holidays. I knew she was F****** one of the guys mentioned and there was no doubt that my Chantelle was the one who was the subject of the story. It was actually kind of hot even at the time, but I was young and jealous and that's all I could feel. The ultimate burn, and I'll admit she whipped my ass in the F*** off game, was she started F****** this incredible nerdy skinny anorexic guy that I didn't know about until about a month after I ate her pussy right after he emptied his balls in her. This is absolutely a true story. I remember telling her when I was eating her out it seemed like she had cum in her pussy and tasted different. I was so F****** horny I didn't care at the time and I knew how much she had been F****** most of the dudes on campus but I didn't care. She came clean, no pun and no truth intended, about a month later telling me she let me eat this other dude's cum from her pussy. Of course I was pissed at the time, but deep down I think even then a part of me thought it was kind of F****** kinky and hot as hell. One last memory on eating her fresh fkd pussy out - she came more while I ate her and f*cked her that time and than at any other time while we had been together without a close second.

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Re: Licked out by boyfriend after cheating

Postby artthecuckold » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:57 am

I love going down on my wife after she has had sex with someone else. Sometimes she lets me have sloppy seconds and sometimes she doesn't, but even if I know that I will not get anything else I will still lick her until she is satisfied.

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