10 Things To Do In Japan By Natasha Pulley

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Female First

10 Things To Do In Japan By Natasha Pulley

by Female First » Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:27 am

Natasha Pulley writes a piece for Female First upon the release of her new book The Watchmaker of Filigree Street. Read more...

Gedbury of Slacks Creek (FF visitor)

10 Things To Do In Japan By Natasha Pulley

Postby Gedbury of Slacks Creek (FF visitor) » Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:55 am

Hello from Brisbane, Australia.
I'm not up on every writer and book release, sorry to say. Guess I have my head down and too busy writing my own. (25 so far, 17 published) So my apologies in admitting I did not know your name until coming across your recent Granta article.
It is wonderful! You make a very good point about the 'mysticism' of writing, and I love your excellent analogy summed up this: "Writing is just cabinet-making with language."
Indeed, the process is invisible, and all the work, the sketches and roughs and off-cuts and shavings and bent nails are all thrown away. Even watching a writer (asides from it being crushingly dull) would not show the process unless you too were a writer and could watch the entire thing from the get-go. Even then ... you'd miss things. I won't elaborate. you know this well.

Anyway,I've found a way to write to you, and I'm going to disagree with you on one point.

To quote:
"There’s no mystique to it. ... Writing is carpentry. Learning the craft takes a long time, but we can all learn it, though we all certainly start out writing varying shades of rubbish."
And a little later you refer to "the idea that you must be an innate genius, and that either you get it right and perfect the first time or the industry crushes you..." - suggesting that such geniuses don't exist, and that *everyone* can learn to be cabinet-makers with language.

I have to disagree. Such geniuses exist, and some people, despite their years


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