body parts

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body parts

Postby light1313 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:09 am

I’ve been having some really weird dreams lately.
The weirdest : I was boarding a plane my husband was seeing me off, he was also meeting me at my destination. At the departures lounge there was a young couple, the wife said her husband has a disability and was travelling alone and asked if ı could keep an eye on him in case he needed anything. I said fine. The husband looked quite fit and healthy. However just as we were about to step onto the plane he stumbled and fell. His body fell apart. Before I could do anything the doors closed and the plane took off. Only his feet, his face and part of his head was on board the rest of his body parts were left behind. As much as I tried to alert the crew, nobody listened to me. His brain was left behind so he couldnt talk. When we landed I tried to alert every member of the crew and everyone at airport security. Nobody would listen to me and nobody believed me. I met my husband and told him we have to find this guy’s body parts ASAP. We were taken to airport security and lost baggage department ect nobody could understand the situation. I tried to explain his feet and head are here but the rest of his parts are left behind. I didnt know what I would say to his wife who was expecting news of his safe arrival. Well a couple of weeks past then we recieved a mail from him thanking us and saying he knew how hard we tried to help him but he eventually found the rest of his body parts and was doing fine and he invited us to visit them sometime.

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