Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

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Re: Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

Postby Bruce48 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:48 pm

lou406 wrote:I love these stories,I have done similar things have made sure my ex mil has seen me in the shower several times and I know she has seen me masturbating a bit too

Would love to hear about your experiences with your ex MIL.

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Re: Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

Postby mpriapus » Wed May 14, 2014 9:50 am

Not that long ago, I was expecting my fiancé to come home early from work. With that in mind I showered and and ensured my ball sack was nice smooth for her. After getting out of the shower and drying off I conjoured up thoughts of our time together and inevitably got aroused. Wondering around the house nude I had forgotten that my MIL was dropping some dry cleaning off. I was in the kitchen when she entered via the back door. I turned around and and she was now confronted by my erection. Knowing that she's seen me like this before I made no attempt to cover it and as she came over to give me a welcome kiss on my cheek I could feel my C*** prod her tummy through her thin cotton dress. She has a good cleavage and in summer often wears no bra so I felt her breasts yield to me.
As we pulled away I had started to drool a little and had left a noticeable damp spot on her white dress we both giggled and i rubbed my pre cum into my swollen glans.Her eyes were transfixed as I openly massaged . She said I was a tease and that she envied her daughter, I joked that I envied her husband, to which she laughed. I could see her erect nipples through her dress and given that we are naturists it wasn't long before she had slipped out of her dress and was now standing before me.It was at this point that I shot my load.

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Re: Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

Postby pouly » Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:02 pm

So this is my story. MIL had seen me nude many times. Last one, she came to stay with us in our guestroom.

At night, I was checking some email on computer, and wife and MIL was watching TV. Wife goes to bed, and in a moment i go to bed too. MIL stays for a while and then i heard she goes to bed.

Our guestroom is close to our bedroom so i see MIL changing clothes and going to bed. I heard a noise in guestroom, but wife was already sleeping, so i got up (I always sleep naked, and i didn't dressed to check that noise), and entered on guestroom where MIL was.

She was awake, and heard that noise too. When she sees me, she asks what could it be, i said I don't know, and I start to check the window. I felt her eyes checking me out, with my dick bouncing half erect while i was moving here and there to check window.

While i was checking i apologized for being naked, but she said it was OK, that she had no problems with me being completely naked, that she liked it. I heard that and my semi erect penis was hard as a rock in a second. I said maybe it was a bird or something, and came back to my room, passing my full erect dick right in front of her widely opened eyes.

That was about 10 min, but it was soooooo hot, i had to masturbate in bathroom right away

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Re: Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

Postby patriciawilliamson » Mon Dec 22, 2014 7:05 am

It's kind of embarrassing moments for both of you because no one is expecting this type of scenes which been created, Your Mother-in-law and you both are in blind about what will happened you expecting towel from your wife and your Mother in law expecting you in clothes, But it happens some times.Such a laughing incident that was.

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Re: Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

Postby Danil K » Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:17 pm

What an interesting topic. Too bad nobody shared anything new here for such a long time! But reading all theae stories made me feel good, I always knew there must be other guys who like to expose themselves to their MIL.

Let me tell you my stories as well. I have quite a few since I've been doing it for a long time. I lost my father very early, when I was only 5, he died in an accident. My mom was left with just me and my 1 yo brother. She remaried in 2 years and her new guy became like a father to us. He was extremely caring and did everything he could to make us feel happy and loved and like his own kids.

He did have one percularity though. He always walked around the house naked, wearing just his briefs. All the time, except when there were guests in the house. My mom didn't mind, she said my father used to do the same, but I don't remember that. My step father's choice for underwear was quite daring, he usually wore his speedo like slips, usually white or other light colors, the ones you can buy in packs of 3 or 5. And he looked great in them. He was slim, well built, an avid runner. I enjoyed looking at him. Sometimes I saw his manhood a bit exposed at a crack between his briefs and his legs. But he never made any slightest move on any of us, he was just comfortable at home.

My brother and I followed his lead and just underwear was o5yr normal at home dress code. But we also often hung out naked, my brother and I, like right after taking a bath, or in the morning. Our parents never told us to put our pants on. We were just kids. However, as we were growing up, we kept doing the same.

I think I was about 13 when my pubes becane really noticeable, andand I started to feel that I actually like my parents, and especially my mom to see me naked. I would get a semi hardon when I notice her taking a glimpse at my privates. I started to look for more opportunities for her to see me naked. Once I dared to walk out of my bedroom in the morning with a full erection, my dick throbing and pointing up, and casually walk past my step dad and my mom towards the laundry room at the back of the house, grabbed a pair of fresh undies, and without putting them on, walked back into the hall, where my parents could see me naked from the kitchen. Since none of them reacted in any negative way to my exposed aroused nudity, I took my dare a step further, by stopping and talking to them about what I wanted for breakfast. After about me talking to them for a good few minutes, my mom finally said, that I should really put my briefs on because I was already a young man, not a boy. I remember blushing, but just saying some joke back at which the laughed.

Ever since then I would show up nude in front of my parents any time I felt like it, and that was quite often, easily a few times a week.

My brother was growing up as well and he too didn't think it was a big deal for him to show off his naked body to me or to our parents. I once asked him if he ever felt excited about it, but he acted like that was the craziest thing for me tovtalk about. Why would I get excited, he yelled, we are just home, and they are our parents! I never raised thatvtopic again, but I liked looking at my brother naked as well. He usually would wear his briefs though, I would onlyvse him naked briefly.

We both went to study at a local college and we never lived on campus. The rent was crazy at the area, so we kept living with our parents until I graduated at the age of 22. My brother was 18 at that time and he ended up growing the full 4 inches taller than me. To my envy he also ended up being a lot better hung. I have a nice size 8 inch uncut penis, quite thick, but my balls are quite small both fitting easily into my hand. Because of that, I have a rather modest bulge in my swimming or underwear briefs. His package, on the other hand was naturally pushing forward. His bals are huge and low hanging and so is his dick. When he wears his office pants you can always see the outline of his dick pushing out on the left side.

At the age of 24 I met a girl with whom I became very close. After about 6 months of dating and having sex, always at my place, I went to visit her parents, myvfuturw in laws for the first time. Right from the first hello we hit it off both with her mom and her dad. They were a richer family than mine, more educated, high position jobs. I quickly noticed that I could have a lot more sophisticated conversations with my girlfriend's parebts than with mine. Very soon they invited me to join them for a week at their litttle cottage near a lake. I was very excited to join them, but one of the reasons that made me excited was that I already felt like I wanted them to see me naked. I thought that would be a great opportunity to make it happen.

When we arrived to their place, I saw that was just a tiny two bedroom ranch. We were to stay in separate bedrooms, them at theirs, and their daighter, my girlfriend and I, in ours, right next door. The fact that we were not married did not bother them at all. They long treated us like a couple and it was understood that their daughter and I were having sex together.

The lake was not ajacent to the property, but it was rather in the neighborhood, about a 10 minute walk through a local upaved path. So I used that to my advantage by not taking my swimsuit to the lake with me when all four of us went to take a swim and to sunbathe. When we came to the lake I announced, looking surprised, that I forgot my speedo at the house. My gf made a comment how one day I will leave my head somewhere and suggested that I should just swim in my undies. Her parents lauged and encouraged me to do so. I was counting on that and intentionally put my while almost see through thin cotton qhite Jockey briefs as undies, the kind that have only a single layer of fabric in front. I knew they would become completely transparent when wet.

So I took my shorts off and went right for a swim, while they were still setting up the tent and what's not. I made a quick swim and rushed back, because I wanted to make sure they could all see me walking out of the lake in my now completely transparent briefs. I walked out smiling abd commeting on how great the water was. I could clearly see that all three of them were checking out my briefs and what they contained and felt how my dick was starting to grow. To my embarrassement my gilrfriwbd made a loud comment how I might as well be naked with those briefs exposing me completely. I covered up my junk with both of my hands and acted as if I didn't realise that and all embarrassed. Her dad just lauged while her mom came to rescue me, saying that I should just relax and her daughter should grow up. By God, your man has nothing I haven't seen before, she said, lauging. And to me she just said please feel yourself comfortable, no reason to be all sheepish about a bit of extra skin.

I was glad that she said that and just kept haning out in my transparent briefs. From time to time I would make sure to dip in the water again to keep my undies wet and my manhood more exposed. My girlfriend kept giggling saying that she couldn't believe I was letting her parents see me likelike that, but I just laughed with her as if was no big deal. After one of the dip I came out of water nad laid on my back on a towel right next to my future MIL. I put my sunglasses on, pretending to be resting with closed eyes, but iI kept looking at her and I saw thatvshe kept fixating her eyes on my crotch. Every time she'd do that sge would smile ecer so slightly, I could see thatvshe was clearly enjoying the view. Luckily her husband was busy setting up a camp fire and my girlfriend was getting snacks ready for us to eat. With the private moment between my soon to be MIL abd myself I started to get aroused. I knew that now the head of my dick was sticking out of my briefs ib the direction on my MIL. My foreskin pulled back half way, exposing my piss whole with a thick drop of pre cum coming out. I pretended not to notice, but she did notice avd now, thinking that I fell asleep, she was clearly starring at it! As if in sleep I pulled my briefs up and let my whole dick jump out on the side,. I was on my back and my dick was now reaching across my briefs up, touching my belly. My future MIL took a long look at ut, then got up, took a towel and covered me caringly with it. I got myself slightly up on the elbows as if I just woke up. She smiled at me and said that I fell asleep and that she was worried that I get sunburnt. I got up on my feet and my dick was sticking out right towards her face now. I quickly grabbed it with my hand and tucked it back into my briefs. Sorry, I said. Again she laughed and she said please, stop appologizing all the time. I am happy that you feel so relaxed and comfortable around us, she said, I hope I hope it will never change, she added. I just smiled back and said thank you for being so kind to me, I ran for another swim...

To be continued...

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Re: Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

Postby goldenbear » Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:52 pm

hmmmmm, yall must have some different MIL than I've encountered. Usually more like
not exactly sexy...must be dating the wrong girls...

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Re: Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

Postby Anya.186 » Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:47 pm

Nudity is natural, and I think wanting to be seen naked is pretty normal too.
We have beautiful bodies, especially when we are young.
I never minded to see another person completely naked either.
That is not bad.
Some Mistakes Are Too Much Fun To Make Only Once.

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Re: Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

Postby 3Dee4u » Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:10 am

sounds to me like mil wanted a little peek of her own, and the love of your life seems to be ok with it all
sounds like a win win 4 u all
have you masturbated upon it since then ......please keep me post?

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Re: Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

Postby signman » Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:28 am

A few years ago my MIL came to live with us. She is nearly 90 and we are in our 60's. I love her like my own mom so it was no problem for me. One day I had taken a naproxin pill out and put it on the kitchen counter and went to get some juice to take it. My MIL looks at the pill and sees it is blue and asks me if it was a Viagra. I told her no and said it was for a headache. Then I said to her that I don't need Viagra yet and everything works just fine down there. She responds with, Yes I know, which shocked me. I asked her how she knew. She covered her mouth and said she shouldn't have said anything and I said tell me how you know.

She then told me that a little while ago, on a Saturday morning when I was laying down on the sofa in the family room with my usual bathrobe on, she had come in to watch TV with me and sat down at the other end of the sofa. She said that after about 15 minutes I dozed off as I often do. She told me that as I turned from side to side after about another 10 minutes, my robe opened and she could see everything. I said that still doesn't explain how she knew I didn't need Viagra. She continued telling me that after about 15 more minutes my penis began to pulsate and it started to grow and stand straight up. She said it stayed like that for about 15 minutes and then went back down. Then she told me that she really wasn't looking.

She then told me that about 30 minutes later it did the same thing. I said to her, but you weren't looking, right. I asked her how long this went on. She said about 2 hours and about eery half hour it grew and stood straight up and then went back down. Again I said to her, but you weren't looking. She just said that she was watching the TV but that she saw it move out of the corner of her eye and she had to watch it. She said he had not seen a naked man for about 20 years and had not seen an erection in over 25 years and it was very interesting and brought back fond memories.

I began to say that I was sorry but she stopped me and said it was fine and that she thoought I had a very nice looking penis, especially when it was erect. I didn't know what to say to her after that remark. I just said Thank you, I guess.

She said that I had told her that I used to walk around the house naked before she moved in and she said that she didn't want me to change the way I live just because she is there. I still wear my robe around the house but I do leave the bathroom door open when I am shaving and showering because she is a fall risk and I want to be able to hear her if she needs me. She has caught me stepping out of the shower a few times but she just looks and says it's nothing she hasn't seen before.

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Re: Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

Postby noko49 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:09 pm

When my son was about 18 months old, my wife and I stayed for a week of vacation at my mother-in-law’s country home. Glenda had recently divorced her cheating second husband and sent him packing. Kenny’s crib was in the sewing room a few steps down the hall. In the middle of the night, I heard him crying and begging for some fruit juice so I went to his room to calm him down. The night light was plenty bright enough so that I didn’t need to switch the overhead room light on. I was standing there talking soothingly to him when Glenda, who had also heard him, walked into the room. She gasped slightly when she saw that I was buck naked, but she didn’t avert her eyes, either. I asked her to stay with him while I fetched some juice from the refrigerator, but she volunteered to get it instead. After she handed me the juice bottle, Glenda promptly left.

A couple of days later, Stella, my sister-in-law, told me that while Glenda was giving Kenny a bath, Stella had made some remark about on how unusually long Kenny’s penis was. Glenda had replied, ‘I guess he takes after his daddy.’ Stella said that she then dragged the whole fruit juice story out of Glenda. Stella jokingly reprimanded me for daring to sleep in the nude in her mom’s house. But now I knew I had made a favorable impression on Glenda, and that she wasn’t upset about seeing me naked – far from it. My wife, Karen, was by this time entirely accustomed to my own family's liberal attitude about male nudity, so she didn’t make a fuss since her mother hadn’t and after all, Glenda was a big girl.

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Re: Seen nude by Mother-in-Law

Postby noko49 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:54 am

On our next visit, Glenda presented me with a handsome home-made, belted robe made of soft, dark blue material to cover-up with whenever we sleeping over. The only problem with it was that she had made it so short that it was barely decent. If I reached up with both hands, as to get something down off a shelf, the skimpy robe rode up so far that my ass was nearly fully exposed. When I sat down, my package hung out in all its glory for anyone sitting opposite me to see. Karen thought the robe was a marvelous and thoughtful gift. I loved it, too, especially because it was pretty obvious that Glenda had made it too short on purpose. She kept the robe for me in the guest room closet, and thereafter, anytime we stayed at her house, I would usually wear the robe all morning. Both Glenda and I had a lot of fun during those early years playing pecker peek-a-boo together.

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