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Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby Jonno » Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:22 pm

I stayed in about half a dozen hostels round Europe last year in several countries and only had one experience with nudity. It was in a small hostel where I stayed for 2 nights in a 4 bed dorm, which was me, an Indian couple who were early 20s and a German dude who i never really saw. So each room
had its own bathroom which was separate across the hall. It had a shower stall with a lockable door, a toilet stall and 2 sinks with mirror above.

So on my first morning I woke up and the Indian couple weren't in the room, so I went down to the bathroom and realised they'd beat me to it. I walked in and heard the shower going, so turned to the sinks to brush my teeth. As I turned the corner I realised the Indian guy was standing at one of the sinks brushing his teeth - butt naked. He had his back to me so I just stood at the sink next to him to clean my teeth, keeping my eyes forward. Tbh it felt a bit weird but he wasn't bothered and even said hey.

As I was finishing up I heard the shower stop and a few seconds later his girlfriend appeared behind us, wrapped in a towel. At this point they swapped over and he went to the shower, while she walked up to the sink. I'd finished doing my teeth so she struck up conversation - general stuff about my trip and where I was from etc. She had quite a strong Indian accent, but seemed friendly. Then, totally without warning, or even blinking, she casually unwrapped her towel and just stood there fully naked, right beside me, drying herself and looking in the mirror. Obviously I checked her out a bit, and then as I was zipping up my washbag she continued the conversation, so we were stood together for another minute or so, her fully nude - boobs out, bush out, everything. Maybe they were nudists, I've no idea.

So the next morning I got to the bathroom just as the Indian guy was leaving, again he said hey, and I went in to find the shower running, with his girlfriends towel hanging over the door. After yesterday and figuring I'd be leaving the hostel (and the country) in a few hours, I decided to have a bit of fun, so I walked over to the sink, stripped naked and started brushing my teeth. (They could hardly complain after all).

After what felt like ages but was actually about 2 minutes, she appeared behind me, again wrapped in her towel, and stood at the sink next to mine. Again she struck up conversation like this was totally normal, and seconds later casually unwrapped her towel - except this time we were both fully naked. Id genuinely never experienced anything like this kind of casual nudity before. I could see in the mirror that she was basically just staring at my goods the whole time we were stood there, which was actually quite a turn on. She never said anything smutty and neither did I, but it was still pretty sexy being so casually nude around this girl.

After a couple of minutes I left and hit the shower. After the whole nudity thing, I was kind of turned on and so...couldn't help myself in the shower stall. Then, as I was literally full rod, there was a knock on the cubicle door and that distinctve Indian accent saying she'd left her shampoo behind. Which sure enough she had. It was properly embarrassing - there was no legitimate reason I could think of for not opening the door and passing her the bottle, so I had to pick it up and gingerly open the door.

The state I was in was completely unmissable and her eyes went literally straight to it. She took the bottle from me with a smile on her face and said thanks. Then, when I thought she was about to turn and leave, she asked if I 'wanted some help'. I was so horny I couldn't help but take her up on it, so she dropped her towel, reached in and helped me out. She made me promise not to tell whatever her boyfriends name was, so I told her I was leaving anyway. So surreal and like I said - never even saw a single boob, bum or anything at any of the other hostels I stayed at.


Re: Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room

Postby Jennnnn » Tue May 15, 2018 5:50 pm

I've never been undressed or got showered etc in front of any guys in hostels, I've always changed in private in the bathroom or when my dorm is empty.

When I was in London though I wasn't feeling so great one night so I went to bed early and was laying on my bottom bunk under the cover, kind of half asleep, when a new guy arrived. The other people in the room were out and I didnt feel like making a conversation, so I just pretended to be asleep, with my eyes almost closed, but so I could still just see out.

He obviously thought I was asleep cos he didn't try taking to me or anything and seemed to be trying to do everything really quiet. After taking some stuff out of his bag he casually started undressing in the middle of the room and got down to his underpants. I though about letting him know I was actually awake but thought it'd be kinda awkward now, so I just kept quiet with my eyes half closed. Then a few seconds later he looked quickly at me, saw I was 'asleep' and took his underpants off! I guess he figured no one could see him and he must be a nude sleeper.

As if seeing some random guy's willy wasn't enough, his bed was the bunk above mine - so he had to climb the ladder (which was right by my head) to get up to his bed. So he stepped up onto the first rung of the ladder, which meant his willy was literally level with my face, between two rungs of the ladder - and cos I was facing that way, it was literally just a few inches in front of me!!

I closed my eyes, but when I opened them again 10 seconds later he was still there in the exact same spot. Then I figured, he'd literally just arrived so was having to make his bed - unfolding the sheets and doing the pillow case etc. He couldn't see me at this point so I kept my eyes open and it was actually kind of funny - the action of him shaking out the sheet and pillow case etc up above actually made his willy and balls wobble around a bit (or it would've been funny if they weren't like 4 inches from my nose!) yep I'm talking so close I could actually smell his sweaty willy smell. Eventually he got into bed and he must have left early cos his bed was empty by morning.

So as a pro tip - don't pretend to be asleep. If someone starts getting undressed, let them know you're awake!!

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