what should I do with my complicate relationship after all those years?

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what should I do with my complicate relationship after all those years?

Postby TheBigSun2 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:39 pm

Hy All,
I woulkd like to ask for your advice ASAP.
For making story short, my partner and I are closly 6 years together. after all those years I realy can say that he is the other half of my heart though I can't say the same thing on behalf of him regards to me. Yes, it's sad that I'm feeling inlove while thinking that he doesn't love me anymore and maybe deep in his heart he wishes to be apart. In the past, he was loving and carring. Now he is playing "passion plays" with others and I cought him betrayed me twice. he is very distance with me and wish very often for a time apart; I had being ignored for a long time and it broke my heart for many times. I had being informed that he is a very happy person while I'm not around. for him I'm too much sensative, rediculous and histerical. While we had our conversation willing to solve our problems, he said that I'm out of propotions. he disrespect me constantly infront of others (female friends and figures in particular) and have a good lough with them following his phone chating with them. he doesn't miss me while I'm away and while we have our conversations he cuts them after 2 minutes on the phone. he searches constantly for them as I said before and some of them don't even like me (in a delicate way to say). In fact, over the years together I didn't had the ability to act in a diplomacy like them, I was insecure and sensitive person due to his behaviour for ignoring me most of the time and replaced our "intimate moments" with his female friends instead. I'm afraid that he is spending his time with me now for his father wishes to see me with him is a very strong statement for him and of course for the reason that after all those years together it's hard for him to say goodbye and to officialy break me. In his deep heart I'm sure that he has warms feelings for me but I can't call them Love now and it is hard for me to let it go.
I have a personal trayner that consulted me in my last session to cut it off permenatly. in that last session with her (2 years of sessions !!) she finaly expressed her thoughts and warm feelings for me saying that I'm destroying my life for him for nothing.
She suggested me leaving him quitly and dating a potentional serious man and by that curing my lonliness and sadness for now.
What are you suggesting me to do or say now?
I took 2 weeks away alone and he even didn't miss me...
Should I take him for a breakup conversation suggesting being apart for a year or maybe more? (forever??)
Should I date maybe guys that are intrested in me?
I'm confused! I can't eccept officialy that it maybe over. Please HELP...

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Re: what should I do with my complicate relationship after all those years?

Postby emilycurious » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:14 pm

The personal trainer looks like a good option...
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